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  1. How much lateral movement cv joint drive shaft late bay
  2. Enough to allow the axle to rise and fall. If you want to know if it is worn then it is rotational play between the inner and outer parts of the joint, there should be no discernable play.
  3. But strictly speaking, not on the splines...
  4. Unless its an EMPI off-roading Baja bug special where it is designed to slide up the splines instead of having the balls pop out on a big air.
  5. I said late bay not baja bug. Thanks all the same. Its just i have a washer in kit. No washer on removed joint.
  6. Don't worry about it. The conical washer is used on the front inner cv joints of the t3 syncro along with a spacer.
    The joint is the same on the 14 inch syncro inner fronts and all standard bay and t25 rears.
    The washer just comes in the kit...
  7. And Porsche which use the washer.
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  8. If you read the endless Hasta Alaska threads on the Samba, amongst the many stupid things the guy managed to do to a 1600 bus was go airborne and pop the ball joints, in some place south of Mexico on bad dirt roads, so he could have done with.the Baja bug setup... ;)
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