Cruise to the Prom - Weston Super Mare - 22 April 2012

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  1. Anyone else up for this look's like it could be a good day out! ;D
  2. me and the missus will definitely try to make this one it looks like fun 8)
  3. we will be there............................but in Mrs Berniesworld's ride ;)
  4. i will be there dont know what in yet
  5. we will be there...... 8)
  6. I won't be there :(

    That's the day of the London Marathon... Mrs B is running :)
  7. Not been to this one before but may go to this one this year, look like fun 8)
  8. foe


    Well up for this although not sure which vehicle to take :)
  10. foe


    Lol not sure to take the bug or the bay.....although would love a 1986 porche 911 8)
  11. We'll be there!!!
  12. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control this event has been cancelled for 2012 but we will be back bigger and better in 2013.
    No this isn't a wind up, apologies from all at DBS :(
  14. Pm scoops
    It was decided at last nights meeting
  15. Blinking heck, was it because of The BriMar classic cars??
  16. No, there is only 160 of them so small change really
    We need to be able to cater for 800+ after the last 2 years growth and we can't guarantee it will happen. Rather than the event turn into a mess and put people off coming again it's just better to cancel this year.
    Hell, even Glastonbury has a year off, lol
    We discussed alternate venues but there is nothing suitable within a reasonable distance
  17. :mad:

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