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  1. Hi there, I am looking for a passenger seat to fit my 1971 'crossdresser'. I'm not sure if it was the early or later seats that will fit. I already have a half decent drivers seat. I would however prefer seats with headrests therefore if anyone has a set at a reasonable price please let me know. The interior is a cream / light tan.
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    Early seats in yours. Headrest seats are later bays.
  3. thanks for confirming, and if anyone has an early passenger seat I would be pleased to hear from you. I think that I need to join the prototype forum too, the joys of a crossdresser :)
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    I have some seats, fairly sure I have an early passenger one, do you have pictures of the passenger side fixings on the van?
  5. Hi david, I'll get a picture of the fixings to you soon , ta
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  7. Hi Davidoft, do you still have the passenger seat, ta
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