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  1. Hi, There is a 1973 (L) Bay in my local scrapyard.It sadly cannot leave the yard as in was abandoned and towed in by request of the local council.It is in poor order but complete albeit minus it's engine,gearbox and brake servo. It is a pop top model but I forget which type ? (Not Westfalia) .Would hate to see it crushed until all parts have been salvaged.The yard is A1 Recycling in Wokingham.They are very useful but have the policy of lots of cars so no real details over the phone just to come and have a look.
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  2. Adding photo.
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  3. Typo
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  4. Jesus what a quality typo ! Had three likes already. So not to disappoint anyone it is a Bay camper van and not a Julian Clary, Eddy Izzard lookalike at the yard.
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    At least it's not an prototype
  6. IMG-20171001-WA0003.jpg
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  7. Would be sacrilege to crush it!
  8. Looks are deceiving ! it is really rusty.
  9. Do they take parts off for you ?

    I used to use a scrappy in Wimbledon in the 80's.

    They just let you loose in the yard to remove what you wanted.

    I can't imagine in these health and safety conscious times you could climb up there spanner clenched in your teeth and start pulling stuff off.

  10. Put on a high visibility jacket (supplied) request any vehicle and they lift it down with a forklift, remove parts and go and pay. Very slick setup .
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  11. Someone needs to rescue it soon

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  12. Seriously it's not worth it !
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  13. You're probably right but it still seems a crying shame. Surely the breakers would take off anything of value before they'd crush it?
  14. They take off nothing it's entirely up to individuals and enthusiasts to strip it down to it bare carcass (bit like a Christmas turkey). Sadly the days of old style scrapyards keeping vehicles for years is almost extinct unless you know where to look. I would act quickly as its time before it sadly meets the crusher will be weeks rather than months.
  15. Windows, lights, there will be loads to save! Seriously???
  16. There's a Midnight Blue, pre-facelift, Rover 75 behind it as well.
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