Crankshaft grind straighten

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  1. So i was ready to start rebuilding & dial gauged my crank in the case. Found number 2 & 4 journal are at 2 & 3 tho out of true. Checked the journals for out of round. They measure up spot on with no out of roundness. All the journals are in good condition and are standard.
    I have spoken to Jim @ the engine shop who recons a regrind will sort it as its not too far out.
    Didn’t know whether to take it to a specialist engine shop for straightening. Looks a bit drastic tho wacking it with a chisel on v bocks when its not far out.
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  2. I think Tom Wilson may have answered my question. He states you won’t have a runout problem with a reground crank because the grinder grinds the journals relative to the cranks actual centre line.
    Sounds promising :thumbsup:
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    As they take 10-40 thou off with a re-grind it’s nothing to worry about
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