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  1. I decided to make this post so as to get any advice before I begin, and maybe helps other have a definitive approach should they too have a converted panel van without the relevant holes in the rear to mount the Uber Rare Seat belt mounts.

    I see that @nobbly made some really excellent looking brackets (which he welded in), this is the approach that I am going to take.


    He mentions using some 50x20mm box section which is both plug welded (from the outside behind the door track covers) and seam welding the ends.


    It is my intention to ask my local welder to fabricate these so would welcome any comments about the following.

    1. Each box section needs to be 1.2 metres long so it sits within the existing space. I will be doing both sides of the van.
    Maybe something like this?

    2. The height of the hole in the bracket is just a little bit higher than the box section, hence why I believe @nobbly added the extra piece above the box section.

    3. I will also need the seat belt mechanism (264)

    4. Looks like @Mini_Bungle mounted theirs with the reel at the top[​IMG], and I might consider doing this if it means I don't have to re-cut the Seats

    5. In the following Picture

    5a. Will the seat belt kit contain the bolt for A
    5b. I assume this extra piece of metal (annotated B) used here by @nobbly has been threaded or could it have a a nut on the other side? Assuming a bolt, what thread/bolt would you recommend that should be?
    5c. For Annotation C - Is it better to use a Rivnut or weld a threaded bracket here as well?
    5d. I assume the seat belt kit would contain this bolt in D

    Sorry for all the questions and thank you in advance for your help
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  2. I also used the nobbly approach which worked a treat (I did small write up in my resto somewhere).

    5a. The kit should contain all of the bolts needed to mount the belt to the van. The bolts that came with mine were slightly too long though (foul the window and inside of the bracket) so I pinched some shorter ones from another belt kit I had; it was easier than cutting them down. I bought a front bench belt which comes with the webbed stalk instead of rigid.
    5b. I welded a 7/16 unf nut to the inside of that section to match the rest of the belt mounts.
    5c. I put in welded nuts.
    5d. Should do.

    This is how it turned out.

    Also from memory I think the box section was 25mmx50mm. 20mm didn’t seem to be too common.

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  5. Brilliant thank you for this. Really helpful indeed.
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