Complete newbie, in over my head...but having fun!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourselves' started by DrNinjamonkey, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Agree with this.(don't let them have a go!)
    Speak to other Bay / splitty owners around the area. You'll find there's always someone around who's worked on VWs for years and can help if you're not too confident to start with.

    Your doing great already getting us pics!
    Welcome from North Beds.

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  2. jivedubbin

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    What have I told you about forging other people's signatures
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  3. And are we surprised?

    Welcome along by the way!!
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  4. Welcome from West Yorkshire! :)

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  5. Flakey

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    Hi from Cheshire
  6. Hello from west London. Read everything that gets posted to Mech Tech, even if it doesn’t seem to apply to you—you’ll learn a bunch. Get your hands greasy, it’s simpler than it looks.
  7. Welcome to the mad house from down south in the New Forest
  8. Welcome aboard the rollercoaster...:thumbsup:
  9. _ZZ


    Looks amazing

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  10. Good luck bud!
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  11. Merlin Cat

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    Welcome from Sheffield :). Nice looking bus. I don’t do much to my van, mainly because I’m inept but also due to laziness and a slightly laissez fairre attitude toward what constitutes acceptable levels of oil leaks etc.

    Tho I did just book it in to a local Vw specialist for a petrol running through the engine problem :)

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