Combo gauge with rpm, oil temp and oil pressure

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  1. Looking for gauge with rpm, oil temp and oil pressure in one unit to replace the clock in 1978 transporter.
    Anyone done something similar?

    I have not found the right gauge. Most of them are individual rpm, temp or pressure.
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  3. I'd be interested one of those, if they exist.
  4. I have a marine gauge with oil temp, pressure, fuel and volts. It took some frigging to get it working as it’s US spec so senders need matching.
    I haven’t seen a multi gauge with a tacho though.

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  5. I found almost right, but not with my "specs":
    0020127_tetra-series-black-combination-gauge_300.png s689572963557007764_p1237_i1_w500.jpeg
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  6. Good research.
    One thing to note with the temp gauge - it tops out at more or less where our aircooled oil temp sits most of the time on a motorway. My multi gauge is the same - 250F (120c). You won’t want it to go higher than that. It’s an indicator anyway.

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  7. Might as well include CHT as well ! :rolleyes:
  8. Its a pity that PLX Devices did not continue developing a system around their Multi Function Displays. Their AFR meter has a dash display covering everything you want, but one thing at a time. You can set alarms on things so if e.g. oil temperature exceeds 125 C it switches over to showing oil pressure.
    Trouble is they only ever made senders for a few items , you daisychained sender boxes to each MFD..
    I think they do temperatures and air fuel ratio senders.

    I based my setup on this as I have a PLX devices AFR sender (trashed the nice MFD display unit..shorted 12 volts to a 3.3 volt signal) so I made my own MFDs and added some more measurements using the PLX protocol.

    Under my dash I have two 1.3" OLED dot matrix displays. On these I can choose from various things:
    Battery 1/2 voltage
    Oil pressure
    CHT left/right

    Usually leave it on AFR and a CHT reading
    But not when I took that picture.

    I think finding a graphics LCD panel and putting it in the clock position with a circular window and filling that with little pictures could be fun.
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  9. If I recall the old Mercedes W123 models had a 3 in 1 instrument in the dash.

    Oil temp & pressure and one other I think.


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