Colour Match L21H Marino Yellow

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Dave Le Van, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. I want to order some Epoxy Mastic 121 in as near to colour match to Dave who is painted with
    VW L21H Marino Yellow.
    Unfortunately RustBuster will only work with BS or RAL standard colours and have left it to me
    to work out which one i need.
    Has anyone had any experience with L21H and can state what BS or RAL colour is the closest?
    I have been looking at this website but tbh it's going to depend on
    which computer it's viewed on.
  2. I found rustoleum combicolor safety yellow whch is ral 1007, to be a good match for the Marino yellow on my van, which admittedly is faded/rusty/filthy etc

    Might get you in the right area though.
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  3. If you're getting Rustoleum combicolour, you might as well get it mixed to L21H to start with.

    Do Avenue Coatings do epoxy mastic?
  4. Yes but I can't nip into a shop and get that straight off the shelf.
    It's a good enough match for me.
  5. Fair enough! In any case, the Marino yellow I got was a shade stronger than the colour on my bus, except where I removed the GB sticker which had not faded with age!

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