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  1. does any one know the colour code to my 1974 bay its jaffa bottom off white top.
  2. Probably L20B Brilliant jaffa and L90D Pastel White, but to be certain enter the details of your M Plate into the M plate decoder which is sticky'ed at the top. The M plate is riveted to the bulkhead behind the passenger seat on a RHD van.
  3. You're paint code should be on your M plate, or you'll get it by decoding your M plate. Only useful if it's still the original colour and not been sprayed something else.

    Failing that do a search for vw paint codes, shouldn't be too hard to match up.
  4. Thanks guys Iv also sent away to Wolfsburg as well for the birth certificate as it's a 1974 registered van so could be tax exempt unless any one knows any other way I can check year of manufacture
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  5. Same again, enter you M plate details, that'll give you the scheduled production date. :)
  6. The third digit of your VIN Number is the year of manufacture, e.g. 234....... would be 1974
  7. My M plate says production 1973, so it's probably same as yours, mine is a 74 m reg

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