Clumber Park meet Saturday 11th February 2012

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  3. morklol: ;D
  6. Wondered where my post had gone for a mo but now I know Mark!

    Stacey, I'm not driving and will bring the amaretto and red heels (and Stacey will know what I mean!)
  10. I went to posh morrisons this week, was quite impressed! Quite looking forward to becoming a regular in March onwards!
  11. gotta admit its what Kirkby needed, some great bargains too!
  12. no kirkby needs a fly past from a squadron of bombers >:D
  13. good job we're on'th Annesley end of kirkby :laugh2:
  15. red heels and towl wot i need a drink of amerto :D
  17. well she was not a happy bunny coz we dint have time ^-^ got to go sunday ;D
  18. Good morning.

    Has anyone noticed it's -5°C!?!

    Rob and Bek
  19. nooo it won’t feel that cold when you get moving about :)
  20. Yes.warmer than we thought it was gonna be. Kids are up and begging to go right now. Cu soon :shiver: :shiver: :shiver: :shiver:

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