Clumber Park meet Saturday 11th February 2012

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  1. We will be there I ve got cold water lol 😉
  3. morklol: I think Steve is sayin that he will need to wake you up early to be ready to roll at half ten....(ssshhhh dont let on though) :)
  6. My ass is always out of bed early fact
  9. I ve been busy today for once even on overtime lol
    Of to mc d s for coffee now
  10. Just heard the snows comeing back Friday 10cm[​IMG]
    Any good Sledgeing hills in clumber park⛄⛄⛄⛄⛄⛄⛄
  11. hmmm that's what enz said when i said i wasn't going if it was snowing " both then started moaning that alex would miss his friends"
    bek - if it is snowing i'm not coming :)
  12. I think we will be the same...if it snows, stay home nice and warm!

    Its not going to snow though I hope!
  13. its snowing here now
  14. its clear at Darley Dale at the moment, the sky is very grey though! Is it settling?
  15. oh i had to get up of my refurbished rnr bed and look out of the door of the factory >:D not quite settling yet
  17. Lol the 3 that have had a job today have been over to marcs (Dogsndubs) this afternoon to pick me some wheels up
    I ve got so much stuff in the factory I can't get it all home
  19. Yep so I ve got 2 sets of alloys at the minute lol
  20. so its gonna be cold but a nice sunny day saturday so every1 still goin :thinking:

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