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    I bought a T3 clock from a show over a year ago and it worked. For £10 l was as happy as a pig in the mud. The joy of time travel didn't last long and within a few months it came to a stop. Having taken it apart l thought l had discovered that it had a dodgy earth so set about making a new one and all was good again. It was good for about a week and then it died again.

    Fed up with the whole thing l decided to rip out the Volkswagen mechanicals and go battery with one of those quartz clock mechanicals.

    The change over was easy. l had bought 3 types with different length clock arm posts. As it so happens you need the long one. l am now happy to announce that third time lucky, l can once again time travel.


    Fancy mechanicals. It works with such precision when it does work though not in the Rolex kind of way.

    Rear now looks like this. Altering time and battery change is easy.

    And it now has a second hand.
  2. i just don't like clocks in the van - its all i hear when i try to sleep
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    I know what you mean. I had to change the ex's bedroom clock for a digital one!!

    The original VW mechanism was on a magnetic pendulum and super quiet. This one does tick but being up the front it's quiet and hard to hear from the bed. And compared to the old clock l sold from a Triumph big Ben is quiet but that did have a nice tick with an occasional crunch that you could hear outside the bus.
  4. Still working that clock Birdy, have to switch it off at night thou....
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    Glad it is Steve. Best couple of pound I'd spent on a clock in a long time. All this trying to find a larger one has proved a tad annoying :)
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    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    Over 12 hours after fitting and it's still working "result"

    No need for a switch in mine. If it does annoy l just pull the battery out.

    I would however recommend a switch to anyone who leaves there bus standing for a long time.

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