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Discussion in 'Non Late Bay Classifieds' started by Ermintrude, Aug 20, 2018.

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  2. Flakey

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    For what exactly ??
  3. For lowering down the well :D
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  4. to get out of sticky situations.... :D
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  5. Is it no good for removing engines
  6. dunno

    • 15m Fall Arrest Device with Winch Mechanism
    • 5mm Galvanised Steel Cable
    • EN360
    • EN1496
    • Weight: 10.40kg
    • Line: 15m Galvanised Wire
    • Rescue Lifting Max Rated Load: 150kg
    • BSEN360:2002
    • BSEN1496
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    Engines come out downwards on these !!
    Think it might pull the roof off the barn if I tried to winch a bus off the engine
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  8. "They are not my real ladders, they are my step ladders".

    (I'll fetch me coat)
  9. :lol:
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    Try Facebook market place ,no fees ,I've sold 4 things in the last two weeks
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  11. I’m sure mountain rescue or some other would buy that at a reasonable price specially as you paid over £ 500 for it :thumbsup:
  12. yes, have just (hopefully) sold a pine bedside table on there. the ladders and chairs went on there this morning. Not sure about the winch though... bit worried as it's secondhand and untested. obviously probably best not to use as primary fall arrest :eek:
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  13. but it's secondhand and as yet untested... think it may be better for non life saving duties, just in case. They're used on industrial sites too for safe evacuation. My fall arresting days are long gone.... think i'll just about manage a splat nowadays! :D
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  14. Damn. Most if not all of my falls are from 14m. No good to me then :(
  15. I'd heard that things are selling well at the moment ...
  16. Put "low mileage and no careless owners"
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