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  1. If it’s ok mods, I’ll use this thread to put random stuff on for sale?

    First up sturdy large wooden steps £30
    5ft9 platform height [​IMG]

    Pair of prince of Wales fleur de lys ercol chairs. One has tiny traces of water based primer in crevices under the bentwood back (pic 2) which will come off pretty easily with time and patience. I have neither and need the space they’re taking up. £30

    If you’d like any more info, pics etc let me know :)

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  2. @Ermintrude
    You been watching Lovejoy
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  3. @Ermintrude
    Wow I just released you got a Chippendale seriously you’re in the money
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  4. ewww no.... i can't watch him, too foppish! do you wanna buy 'em or what???o_O

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  5. Unfortunately Chippendale ladders don’t fetch much:cool:
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  6. ooh, they're chippendale? ace! :D
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  7. Surely the steps are trendy and you can put tings on them like stairs :D
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  8. they were great for reaching to paint my ceilings but no space to keep them now otherwise i would :thumbsup:
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  9. Shops like them advertise on local site , they will go
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  10. Flakey

    Flakey Sponsor

    @Geordie you need them to get to the roof of the gypsy, get them bought :thumbsup:
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  11. that's true. did put them up on the saltaire fb page... perhaps need to expand my scope outside of the village? :D

    i just can't be bothered with ebay and the stupid questions :/
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  12. YES! they go with the whole look :D
  13. @Flakey
    Yes that’s a good point but I’m ok thank you.
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  14. @Ermintrude
    I know a lad that maybe buy them he’s called hunter gatherer base around Liverpool goes all over the country buying old stuff look him up.
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  15. @Ermintrude
    Sorry can’t help noticing you have a crack in the stonework below the slate roof sort it out before the bad weather come with some mortar. :cool:
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  16. that’s nice of you ;)
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  17. thank you but it's only my shed... it's what i call ventilation :D
    also as it's seen from the outside it'll be under scrutiny from the conservation police so would have to have it sorted properly :/
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  18. Posh shed
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