Classic Parts section on Ebay has been integrated into the standard parts

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Earlybay, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. It looks as though now if you want to browse for vdub parts they are mixed in with 85000 other modern VW parts.

    EPIC FAIL. i called them and they said it was integrated into this section. IDIOTs.

    we need everyone to phone and complain.

    It makes it virtually impossible to peruse for parts now unless you know exactly what your after.

    what a bunch of knobs...... :mad:
  2. They certainly have, it's now takes yonks to look for stuff

    I have emailed ebay customer services and voice my concerns
  3. Absolute winkers :mad:
  4. just sent them a anry email *shakes fist*
  5. They won't listen, I emailed about the changes to the summary page where you have to click loads of links to get to won items and selling etc. I said I want MY summary page how I wanted it not how THEY wanted it. Noobs, the lot of them!
  6. Yeah this is poo I just searched on there for bits for my mini and got over 200,000 results after 6 pages of some bloke selling loads of massive alloys for bmws I gave up and complained, I used to enjoy flicking through the classic bits as well

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