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  1. Right, Mrs C has been away and while she was there a friend asked her if she would have a Chipin.
    So she phones me and wants this thing.
    What is it?
    Right its something crossed with a chihauhau.
    I says what a chicken?
    No its got big ears and big eyes and is not a whippet.
    End of, put the phone down.
    Why would anyone want some dog crossed with a chicken :gnome:
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  2. Did she mean Chip And PIN?
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  3. It’s like a fishout
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  4. Did she mean Chip pan?
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  5. of water?
  6. Its not a whippet so............
  7. A dog crossed with a chicken will give you dogs eggs. That’s a deal breaker for me.
  8. Watch out. People are selling these to folk in Yorkshire, saying they're "spotted whippets". They're not.

  9. Could be a walnut ?
  10. Whipping o_O

    Isn't that what Bazza gets at madame Zazas :thinking:
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  11. Betty just told me it’s crossy between a Rottweiler and a bat
  12. Barn, what is that :eek:
  13. You having a laugh o_O

  14. I see what you did there...
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  15. A Chipin dale
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  16. Thought it maybe something that @3901mick might be trying to get rid of :)
  17. No he’s not in dales he’s bit further down .
  18. Cheeky :rolleyes:
  19. Big ears

    Arnt they :D
  20. All the better to here you with :)

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