Chinese Night heater 2Kw

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    Leave it a while or try taking the feed off pump end and bleeding it through to the pump by hand so to speak
  2. The facebook link Chinese heater has pdf's with the fault codes on it
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  3. No 3: Crispy Duck
    No 07: Van on Fire
    No 73: Happy Ending
  4. Excellent!

    And I may get the happy ending after all.
    Had a bit of a think and wondered if the battery was low so the glow plug wasn’t getting hot enough to trigger the fuel pump to come on.
    Tried the car battery and heater cycled properly, pump came on and fuel headed towards the heater. Weird that it was glow plug fault code rather than low battery but possibly an inscrutable Chinese thing?
    Did that a few times before I bottled flattening the car battery (as I’m going out soon) and took it off.
    Van battery now on charge and I’ll have another play tomorrow.
    Thanks for all your input.
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    The fault simply means no fuel to jet. Obviously it wasn’t priming because the battery was too flat. Well done for sorting it.
  6. I just bought a 3kw one today for £125 - it will replace the D2 eber that refuses to work.

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  8. Ive watched that. I would be interested to see a test on the 2nd gen alloy body one I've just bought as a comparison
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  9. And a comparison against the more expensive makes for noise etc.
  10. Is that Billy Connolly.
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  11. I thought that! Must have been moonlighting. :)
  12. At 17mins he says you definitely want to have the exhaust pointing outside

    I think his middle name must be Sherlock lol. Good video tho with stuff measured instead of just saying it's hot etc.

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  13. After watching that I'm having second thoughts about fitting it in my wooden shed / garage and having the exhaust go out through a hole cut in the wall. The exhaust seems to get very, very hot! :-(
  14. They do but wood burning stoves can get just as hot and have been installed in wooden buildings for hundreds of years. Do a google image search for flue fire stop or ventilated fire stop and you'll get an idea of how to put a potentially very hot flue through a timber wall or floor.

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  15. Thanks garethpuk. I tried looking how stove chimneys go through wooden buildings and I know there are stoves that can go in canvas tents but naturally they're all designed for larger diameter pipe. I have found a 24mm Eberspacher through hull fitting for a boat that would be ideal, except it's £60
    I'm now thinking it might be best installed outside in some sort of metal box and the heating outlet going through the wall.
    Now all I need is a suitable metal box!
    It'll be summer by the time I get this sorted, by which time I'll probably sell it as an unfinished project! :)
  16. No probs I'd forgotten about the stoves in tents. I know what you mean about projects, I've started thinking about a heater last summer and have only just bought one!

    How thick is your wall? Just wondering if a couple of plates for firestops with vermiculite or insulating firebricks between would do the job?

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  17. That Chinese heater sounds quieter than my Webasto Airtop 2000D I have on my boat.
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  18. Wow, surprised at that!
  19. I think it’s 3/4 inch plank. Beginning to wish I’d never thought of a heater. :-(

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