Chinese Night heater 2Kw

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  1. And a remote, and the tank outlet :)
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    The planar Facebook group are bench testing a diesel heater atm. One tank of fuel and a bog standard 70 amp car battery. It was on 55 hours continuous running last time I looked.

    7 litres of fuel one charged battery. It seems to me they will get to 60 hours no problem.
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  4. Looking all the 2kw heaters they vary so much on price and what they come with.

    I'm looking at one for around 140 that says it come with the LCD controller, the dial controller and remote control.

    Who's bought these recently and what spec did you go for?? Im reading various things about upgraded silent fuel pumps, different LCD controllers etc
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  8. Screenshot_20181124-140812.png Just ordered mine after a bit of research. Latest V2 alloy body. Inc remote control too.

    Just got to wait for it to turn up now
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  9. Is it me who is tight fisted but do these seem to be going up in price since this thread started ?
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  10. You don't worry! Still quality item! Set your van alight no problem, you bet!
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  11. I may get one of these for my summerhouse. so we can use it year round. cheaper than putting anything else in i reckon
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    You could use a 12 converter rather than a battery.
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    No. Me n womball paid more for ours previous to this thread and I think the OP paid the same as us too. £155 - 170 ish
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  14. will use batteries and solar, no mains in the summerhouse
  15. Well after spending half a day deciding where to fit it, making brackets etc it won't fire up and run. :-(

    The fan spins but the fuel pump doesn't run, then the fan cuts out and the display shows error code 03 - Ignition plug failure - Check whether the ignition plug is open or short circuited. Naturally nothing to give any clue how to do that. In fact there wasn't even a proper installation guide, just a 'Quick Installation guidance' A5 paper that's badly translated.

    To say I'm annoyed and extremely disappointed is an understatement!
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    It’s not primed yet!
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  17. Thanks for the reply.
    I figured that it was in the purge part of the cycle but don’t know how to get it to move on. Any ideas?

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