Chinese Night heater 2Kw

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  1. I've had an eberspacher before, under the bed. But found the tick tick of it quite annoying. I would go for a propex if money wasn't a factor.

    But fitting under bus seems a good idea.
    I will prob fit some kind of bellypan/steel sheet to keep the elements away
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  2. My propex is a crock of crap, will be sending it back for repair and then flogging it, will probably go for good money on ebay, they seem to. I am going to plumb into the central tube tomorrow I think
  3. The exhaust is a flexible tube if thats what you mean ?

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  4. They are very expensive but my proper is great, heats the van a treat and uses very little gas.

    I’m just thinking of a diesel heater so I can plumb it in the existing pipe work and use it on the move.
  5. Mine has been pants from the start, should have returned it straight away. Never mind
  6. Considering what they cost it should be right or sent back and replaced with new no questions asked!
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  7. Or heated to its flash point!
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  8. In the fitting instructions for mine it says it must be fitted flat with the actual exhaust port on the bottom.
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    I actually asked the manufacturer about this and they said it was fine on it’s side. There’s a YouTube video by the makers. You can contact them via the link on YouTube.

    They take a while to reply, but they do eventually!
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  11. Not at all! I've got a diesel eberspacher sat waiting to go in mine, i was just a little concerned with using the cheapo fuel tanks as if they were to leak or split that fuel is going all over your engine/j tubes/heat exchangers and a potential fire on your hands. It also leaves you without a location for your leisure battery.
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  12. @Bulletooth have a look at my photo's on page 1, still have room for the leisure battery, the tank comes off an angled bracket on top of the chassis rail :thumbsup: (but it is the smaller 5 lt tank)
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  13. I like it great solution there :thumbsup: I have wondered about filling the tank though when it's in that location, do you have any issues? And how long does a tank usually last (i realise thats a how long is a piece of string question) just an idea on how many nights camping you'd get :D
  14. 20180303_171603.jpg there's mine fitted with battery
  15. Very neat. Do you fill the tank there or lift it out?
  16. Fill the tank there:)
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  17. Bench tested mine today, thats about all I can do though, it came with the wrong size fuel tank 10l instead of 5l so wont fit where I want it to. It is also missing the outlet for the fuel tank, also missing the remote. On the plus side it works fine.
  18. Did you order it with 5lt tank as most come with 10lt I had to order my smaller tank and the outlet is normally in side the tank ..
  19. Listing said 5l :)
  20. In that case they owe you a 5lt tank :thumbsup:

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