Chinese Night heater 2Kw

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  1. Does the traditional knob controller give you any indication of a fault code?
    Like flashing the illumination.
    Or could it be used in parallel with an lcd controller.
  2. Yes, it does just that.
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  3. Any other ideas on tank location, the 2 installs look good, but I'd like to be away from the engine bay?

    What do you recon to putting a removable tank inside the centre of the spare wheel or mounting on the side wall. Venting the tank breather outside so it's all sealed to the cab.
    Install with long spare pipes, so can you fill it up outside at the back (hot exhaust). Could turn the wheel round for easier access.
    Maybe just two push fit fuel fittings (feed and vent), save trailing the thin hoses outside.

    Maybe a bit impractical, you'd have to slacken the spare wheel strap each time, but shouldn't have to lift it out of the well.
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  4. I seem to remember my dad having a metal fuel can that was round and fitted in a spare. Is your spare in the back ? If it is ideal i think

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    If you have a diesel spillage, you’ll wish it wasn’t inside the bay!
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