Chinese Night heater 2Kw

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  1. Does the traditional knob controller give you any indication of a fault code?
    Like flashing the illumination.
    Or could it be used in parallel with an lcd controller.
  2. Yes, it does just that.
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  3. Any other ideas on tank location, the 2 installs look good, but I'd like to be away from the engine bay?

    What do you recon to putting a removable tank inside the centre of the spare wheel or mounting on the side wall. Venting the tank breather outside so it's all sealed to the cab.
    Install with long spare pipes, so can you fill it up outside at the back (hot exhaust). Could turn the wheel round for easier access.
    Maybe just two push fit fuel fittings (feed and vent), save trailing the thin hoses outside.

    Maybe a bit impractical, you'd have to slacken the spare wheel strap each time, but shouldn't have to lift it out of the well.
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  4. I seem to remember my dad having a metal fuel can that was round and fitted in a spare. Is your spare in the back ? If it is ideal i think

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  5. Poptop2

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    If you have a diesel spillage, you’ll wish it wasn’t inside the bay!
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  6. I'm putting the heater to good use this morning. It's the thickest frost so far and there the windscreen is iced up inside and out.

    Decided not cycle today, I wouldn't have got off my road unscaved.
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  7. i did run mine up last week, but i'm still waiting for the engine to return :(:(:(
  8. Bloomin' Transit windscreens take a lot of de icing :mad: - wish I had the heated version. The camper was lovely and warm after 15 minutes, but the heat hardly touched the windscreen. I've set the timer to come on just before I finish work - so hopefully toasty warm for the journey home :)
  9. I’ve been using mine in the bug. Fantastic. I’ve aimed one nozzle at my leather seat and hand brake lever. I nip out and turn it on then go back in for a cuppa. Drive to work with a big smug look on my face.
  10. I bought this heater it arrived just after Christmas but i then went off to Lanzarote for two weeks so it sat in the box.
    Last weekend i assembled it and connected it to my work van battery to test it, but i couldn't get it started.
    After posting on the Fb group i was told my battery wasn't up to it as i had a single flashing light.
    So i bought a new battery but the same outcome one red flashing light (low power)
    I posted a video of me attempting to start it up
    and got someone asking have i checked the voltage?
    Sure enough they had sent me a 24V heater not only that but id ordered a 2Kw heater and this one was a 5kw... Doh
    I messaged the seller and was given a full refund and as itll cost to much to return he's told me to keep it.[​IMG]

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  11. I will give ya £40 posted for it :)
  12. Result! Use it to heat the garage / workshop etc :)
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  14. Will the glow plug and fan work on 12 volts?
  15. Apparently yes according to the guys on the forum.
    Ive got a back up plan tho just incase their talkin plums.
    240v to 24v transformer

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  16. Cool. I tried using a 240v/12v transformer but the one I had was only 4 amp so it didn’t work and I got the low voltage indicator flashing.
    Went back to a battery and charger
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  17. Ive been told for a 12v id need 20 amps
    40 for 24v

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  18. Probably won’t be cheap then.

    I’m wondering about sticking the 5kw heater (that I use to heat the garage) into the bay and getting a 8kw for the garage.

    I know everyone says 5kw is too high for the bay but it would be plumbed in (so lose some heat in the pipes flowing in various directions) and only used on the move.
  19. That may not be right, if you need 20A @12V that is 240W so on 24V you would only need 10A for the same power consumption, if I were you I'd check the web for the rateings
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