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  1. Thank you! Anymore glueing, sanding and varnishing and I think I’m going to lose me mind!!
  2. Haha yeah I’ve checked out the top and bottom one but will have to have a closer scan at notchboys one later. These threads are great for reference and really do push you on but to be fair these folk are superhuman! It makes me feel lazy and does make me put in a bit more effort than I would normally. Thanks for the links it great to know so many of you here on the Latebay have got my back with so much help!
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  3. There are some great threads around on here, the samba too - yours included which have helped encourage me with our westy, the information to hand is valuable & with our westy thread, any additions will reciprocate down the line for others.

    Long may it continue!
  4. New laminate glued on to the cool box hinge panel. Once it’s dry I can router the edges and finally fully reassemble it! 617A0821-8777-493B-92AF-4DDDD490280F.jpeg
  5. Thanks for your kind words but I wouldn’t put our van chilli in the same league. But, if my Resto thead helps others in any way I’d be very pleased with myself! So please if anyone is following this and needs any help, do get in touch and I’ll always do my best to help
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    I’m still looking, I think that T25 is the same too
  7. Cool, my fingers are still crossed!!
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  8. The spare wheel cover is still needing attention. I’ve previously replaced the sides and repaired the bottom bit that slots into the metal channel. New laminate had also replaced the old chipped and missing surfaces. It was now time to carefully trim back the edges with the router and where that wasn’t possible use a file very carefully! Finally the new plastic trim had to be glued into place. All that is left now is a final couple of coats of varnish... 782E5689-CE73-468E-AD35-2D1A7A86F9D9.jpeg C3BAD8BB-D0F5-43A4-8FA7-93F6D8001BAA.jpeg C56989E5-2177-4008-BE3D-9DB2C099EEDA.jpeg 25C8A63E-AD5D-49BB-AECF-7B63ABC15486.jpeg and also new laminate on the R&R bed hatch
  9. 5B3E5D2E-C635-4D63-97DC-4A941BB39F39.jpeg Here with the cool box in position
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  10. While I’m waiting for things to dry I have a go with the upholstery on the R&R bed. A previous owner has recovered the seats so there is an extra row of staples to contend with. Thankfully they are stapled over the top of the westy ones so the damage to the ply is minimal. They come out with some help from a combination of screwdrivers, side cutters and pliers. With the covers out of the way it’s plain to see I’ll need to sand the ply back and fill where necessary before yet more varnishing.
    67B18E7A-D4B4-4493-BB6B-7AF1F91DD6ED.jpeg 797AFD66-3B86-4548-8465-F13ACE9B2C51.jpeg D7A12A3D-3EC7-481D-AE90-06A019FE96A8.jpeg DB3AC3D0-52EA-4BB9-91CC-292D98408959.jpeg 3DBBFB1C-038A-4B5B-9DBC-85DF0C3228CD.jpeg
  11. So here are the covers removed and there is a ‘78 stamped in the inside. I think the foam is a bit past it’s best and I don’t think I want to guess what made the stains or even sleeping on it! 6ADF5D37-4E8B-4A0A-BD32-B26308422DFC.jpeg 96AC5F21-F73C-47FB-9F4E-890A47A0BFB8.jpeg A0E7C483-8916-41DA-A9DF-BB5308B3CC07.jpeg
  12. 2AA4E17D-FEE5-4DBF-A96D-9D9B5E3A0508.jpeg CE3B4E00-8777-4DA9-88BE-4915CB649E3F.jpeg The R&R ply boards are pretty rough. There are deep gouges and stains that need help. The seat back will need more attention as it’s on view from the rear hatch. The ply is faced with very very thin vaneer so great care is needed when sanding or you’ll be though to the layers below. I go as much as I dare with the DA sander and 80 grade to remove what I can before using a stopper to fill the dinks and dents. Some special felt tip pens are used to colour the stopper before the first of a few coats of yacht varnish. It’s not perfect but better than before.
  13. More F0396D6C-BAE6-4D1D-9825-578E4ADA0DAC.jpeg 473247DA-8BCA-4629-9602-98A8D3CB994B.jpeg
  14. E6692250-A3A8-49B6-833C-FFD20C25A2F2.jpeg New foam and cover for the bed above the engine
  15. The glue is dry on the cool box hinge panel so I trim it with the router EE3C9A88-F41F-4313-83FC-E452591F4705.jpeg
  16. 4DCC0783-2572-4AAE-9A30-FA470FAEB6EF.jpeg 5B808C89-FF92-4A1C-BB9D-EAC3AA408B75.jpeg E34278A0-E63F-4B4E-8E67-2CF4705B534F.jpeg E6E4B786-4DEC-4A6D-905E-1B6A21105230.jpeg DFA35A2E-15E6-4B31-9AB6-F182582BE704.jpeg DE823A48-87C3-4A5A-A536-58F64871A3FE.jpeg The metal trim on the top of the R&R front panel has has a hard life so a quick rub down and prime followed by a couple of coats of steel wheels sorts it for now. I’ll probably check out the repop one by NLA and replace at a later date but at least I can start to build up the R&R..
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  17. And the varnishing continues! 1B61BFD1-150C-42D5-9F33-53260E304162.jpeg
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  18. Oh and BTW the tractor you can see is my 1983 Same Condor...4WD 3 cyl aircooled diesel with only 1500 hrs on the clock! Amazing mechanicals but built with Italian steel so very flakey!
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