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  1. He went for a interview as a Kwik Fit Fitter but couldn't get the dance moves right :rolleyes:
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  2. Last night we did what Mrs May couldn’t do, we got a good result in Europe :thumbsup:
  3. Looks like Arsenal and Celtic are progressing well with their Brexit arrangements......!
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  4. Chin up Barry - I'm leaving soon to drive home to Newport, hoping we do a job on City this evening, where so many others have failed.....

    COME ON YOU PORT !!!!!
  5. Good luck :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  6. well - that was unexpected!
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  7. Ah well......!

    Respect to Pep and his team, gracious in victory, unlike their big-time Charlie supporters. Don't them Mancs like the sound of their own voices, seem to have forgotten how $hite they were in their Main Road days.......?
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  8. Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear.
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  9. Seagulls ...........
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  12. I refer you to my previous reply,
    Our manager couldn’t manage a w
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    I like him!

    Can we play you every week?
  14. So we are losing so what does he do, takes off Kovatich brings on Barkley same, takes off Pedro brings on William same, takes of Dave brings on Zapacosta same, my old nan could do better, get out of my club man you are useless :(
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    He’s trying to get you to play like Napoli, but your club doesn’t have the same outlook as that club.

    I’m an member of SSC Napoli’s supporters club btw. Been see them a couple of times as my wife is from Naples. They have a sort of entrenchment mentality, nobody likes us etc, a bit like Millwall, but better team
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  16. I know Chelsea are not PSG but if we get the first goal . . . just maybe?
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    Strikes me that the 'same' family are rubbish subs if brought on together.
  18. Well done the lads, what a great manager I’ve always liked him :rolleyes:
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  19. My 'orrible Herbert has got a grass roots footie tournament at the Chelsea training ground this Saturday.
    Starts at 17.00

    17.00 I tell you - there's proper sport on 'telly!!!!!! :mad:
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  20. Baz, they won against the IKEA reserve side. Not much of a result.
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