Changing washer jets

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by popester63, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Can any of you rest gurus give me any tips on how to change my washer jets. Old ones are caked in old paint so bought some shiny new ones - hopefully simple job.


  2. pop in quarter turn sorted ::) :eek: ;) owen nw
  3. Oooh nooo. You need to get under the dash at squeeze the little plastic mounting ears together with a pair of long-nose pliers. The washer jets should then just pop out.

    Turn 'em and you'll break 'em...
  4. Cheers Snotty. I saw the ears on the new ones and guessed it might be something like that. Long nose pliers it is.


  5. helps to have another person on the outside of the bus keeping pressure on it. I did one ear at a time and had my wife hold on to it on the outside and put a credit card 1in to keep pressure then popped the other one out.
  6. Don't let go of the pipe.

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