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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cunny44, Nov 9, 2018.

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  2. Wow.
    Fair play to Iceland, powerful use of media, and sadly I'm not surprised it got the chop.
    Hopefully it will do the rounds on the internet (I'm sure it will) and the message will still get across.
    The 'single use' plastic issue has snow-balled this year, and slowly slowly things are changing. On the back of that, lets hope the needless destruction of rain forest for palm oil production can be raised in the masses consciousness too. Time for change.
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    It’s a very good add, banned for breaking some bull poop rules :(
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  4. I have a feeling this ad will get seen more BECAUSE it got banned. Someone's got a bullet shaped hole in his shoe.
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  6. jivedubbin

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    Tells it like it is, I can't see how that's political
  7. Great ad. But I think it's fair enough that it got banned. The law is there to keep a clear separation between advertising and political propaganda. Of course, this ad promotes a cause we all applaud, but allow this and you weaken the legal precedent which might, in the future, mean that an ad with a less acceptable message will have to be allowed because of the precedent set by this one.
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    It's had 1.7 million views on you tube ,so that's people actually taking time to view an advert
  9. It’s debatable whether signing petitions makes much difference other than to give the signatories a feeling they’re really “engaged” in bringing about change. I signed ONE earlier this year from Change.Org only to find my inbox then fills up with Please sign this, please sign that messages from them. Unsubscribed pretty quickly. The ad is freely available online now anyway and the banning has generated much needed debate about palm oil. Much better to go into your kitchen and bathroom, look at the products you’re buying that contain palm oil and then no longer buy them. You’ll probably find quite a few.
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  10. I was one of them viewers :):thumbsup:
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  11. I worry about all forms of censorship.

    Very poignant as we prepare to remember the sacrifices our forebears made for us - freedom of choice, freedom of speech etc

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    Well done Iceland. Good advert and banning palm oil products from their shops.
  13. I agree. I also worry about propaganda! No easy answers. :confused:
  14. if they brought prices down instead of putting them up peolpe would vote with there feet , instead of being keyboard warriors
  15. This is the problem I have with this advert (well, one of them anyway...). Iceland haven’t removed palm oil from sale, they’ve said they’re not putting it in their own brand stuff any more - they still sell many hundreds of other branded products that have it in and are happily selling off the stuff they’ve already made. Wouldn’t want to lose money once the Rang-Tangs are dead, would they?

    Of course, the sentiment behind the ad is excellent and should be applauded, and the fact that it’s been censored due to being ‘too political’ is utter bullMarmite, but at the core of this is nothing more than some marketing companies attempt to get people to think that Iceland are out hugging chimpanzees in their spare time.
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  16. Well done Iceland for this. I have seen this fantastic 'man of the jungle' animal in the wilds of Borneo 10 years ago and the massive destruction of their habitat just for palm oil. Very sad to see these forests just flattened and replanted with squat palm oil trees. All the animals there have lost their homes. Every day I was in Sabah Borneo I treked up into the rain forest with a guide to feed these guys a breakfast of bananas and other fruit. They are almost human but do not scream, shout or call but are just quiet. So its up to us to scream out on their behalf....keep it going Iceland. My best memory of visit was a young baby running around my legs then sitting under a tree playing with a big leaf on its head....just pure magic.
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  17. Man has been destroying the planet for years this is just another example of it. I remember writing about similar issues 35 years ago when I did a geography A level at night school.

    I'm afraid most of these initiatives are little more than fiddling whilst Rome burns
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    Iceland didn’t make the advert, they just removed the original voiceover and got permission to use it.
    They knew full well they wouldn’t get away with using it, but it’s a great way of getting a name formerly associated with that trout face off the telly, into homes again!
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  19. You mean like bio diesel ? I flew over West Papua a few years back and it was sad to see that the forest was being replaced with palms.
    Meanwhile the scars from oil exploration were healing as the forest grew back over them.
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  20. I honestly don't understand what is political about the ad. If the media (which is supposed to be unbiased) can show hour long documentaries about waste plastic killing fish, then why can't they show a programme about destruction of wildlife habitat for human convenience? And therefore why can't Iceland advertise it? Lots of companies boast about "fair trade", "ethical sourcing" and "recyclable packaging". Is that political?

    Anyway, Iceland have pulled a great marketing trick which will get them more publicity than if the advert had been screened and they don't have to pay for it!

    Win, win!

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