celebrities that you have upset

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  1. i havent met a famous person :(
  2. Robert plant said he'd be offended if I didn't accept a pint off him (I'd brought the first round) does that count ?
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  4. i just upset everyone
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    I ran in to Ashley Cole & Matthew Upson in Batchwood Nightclub back home in St Albans. Now it was around the time Cole had broken in to the Scum's first team. Now i was at this part of my life a complete animal for the beer and pills so was rather off my nut. I remember walking through a crowd of people and just stumbling in to them at the bar. I quickly clocked them both and blurted out, "you're Ashley Cole", which was greeted with him kissing his teeth at me. Now being a Spurs boy i wasn't having any of that and responded by calling him a wan%£r and proceeded to sing "Ashley Cole's a wan%£r" repeatedly anytime we were near him. This quickly got him noticed by other people who also proceeded to sing that at him. I have the slight feeling that may have yellow snowed him off.

    Now im not proud of that moment in any shape or form now i have come away from the madness and grown up and in all honesty i should maybe take the opportunity of making amends for being a complete knob if by some weird chance our paths cross again. But maybe i picked up on the fact he was indeed a wan%£r as years later he proved to the nation that he is indeed a wan%£r.
  6. It was the 90's. Michael Stipe and Sinead O'Connor were currently quarreling over who ripped off whom in their latest music videos.
    My best friend Christina and I were in the V.I.P. lounge of a sappley Detroit techno club. We literally bumped into Stipe. When we turned around and saw who he was, noticing his newly shaven head, Christina smiled brightly at him and said, "SINEAAAAAAD!" sarcastically pretending to think he was she. One second before I could slap my hand over my mouth, it issued forth a single great and involuntary, "HA!". :eek: He was not amused.

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