CB Radio for Vdubs

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  1. Looks like they are called power stick or flexi sticks these days lol. How things change!
  3. Ive got a naughty but nice rig for sale if anyones interested

    Superstar 3900 fully unlocked so super super low to super super high

    £100 plus postage

    Cq dx cq dx this is 26 division lol


    For £120 ill chuck in the 007 edition mic which is a collectors item and a zetagi frequency counter to make sure your spot on tripple 5s
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  4. That looks great para i would love that one! :D But I keep getting told off by the wife for buying stuff I apparently don't need! :(
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  5. to bring up an old topic. I also have a CB in my bus. And as stated while driving in convoy its essential to communicate. No extra costs, no handsfree problems. No tickets from the cops. (using your cellular phone handheld is very expensive over here; while there is no restriction on using handheld mic on CB.)

    When tested with a homebased station I had a range of approx 8 kilometers. (Well that's in the Netherlands where the earth is flat :D)

    It's mounted with a bracket underneath the glovebox to the underside of the dash.
    I glued a little magnet to the back of the mic. Now I can hang that one everywhere on the full metal dash.

    When tested with a homebased station I had a range of approx 8 kilometers. (Well that's in the Netherlands where the earth is flat :D)
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  6. I fiited one for the convoy up to Big Bang, brilliant fun
    i dont use it to talk to random axe wielding truck drivers or use american style 10-4 stuff
    only problem is that its too quiet when on the motorway so need a secondary speaker
  7. Old School ............
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  8. Maybe old school but tempted...
  9. Defiantly a resurgence of the CB, here is my rig in my westy.
    There is a bit of history behind it, this very rig a uniden 100 was used by my wife as child to communicate with her friends, my father in law still had it so the next time we went back home to Cornwall we collected it.
    I mates it up with a Sirio Omega 27 as I already had a hole in the roof from back in the states.
    I love it and slowly there air is getting busier although this might change with the legalisation of AM band and side band.
    Mince this image I have mounted the mic clip on the dash so the mic I out the way.
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  10. Think if I get one in...its got to be a retro rig... Just don't want to hole up the bus!
  11. Maybe you could make a bracket up that uses the glove box strap to hold it in place
  12. I'm liking that idea, though am pondering something a little closer to grab when driving
  13. Now then I've had a few ciders and I'm thinking of hitting EBay...any tips for a retro cb?

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