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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by matty, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. I have twin Weber 34icts and the lingage is rubbish it has loads of play and screws to the carb body with the smallest of screws that have striped the thread in the alloy.

    Any recommendations on linkage that can be used that is up to the job and doesent break the bank.
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    Either the CSP bell crank or CSP hex bar. I'd probably go for the hex.
  3. Try the CSP bell crank. Nice and simple (and well made).
  4. I find Bell crank easier to adjust
  5. I've been thinking about the CSP Bell crank.
  6. CSP Bellcrank without doubt excellent bit of kit, best thing I did to my bus engine.

  7. I use the CSP Bell Crank on my engine, I think its loads better than the cross bar style
  8. I can't find the one to suit a stock type 4 layout? It states either Type 1 or Type 4 with porsche cooling?

    This one;


    or this one;


  9. it should work on a std type 4 motor... I can't really think of a reason why it wouldn't...

    you just have to remember that most type 4 modifications are so that they fit in a bug... and with std cooling they won't... only option then is to go with a type 1 upright cooling kit, or porsche cooling!!

  10. The bottom one's def for a type 1, if that helps. Stands proud and, dare I say, erect on your crankcase.

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