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  1. For many years I've been using a Gunson's Carbalancer to set up my carbs. This is about as primitive and inconsistent an instrument that I can imagine. I think the worst bit is getting a proper seal on the tops of the carbs.

    Can somebody point me to something better?
  2. They do a"snail" type ballencer which works spot on can get at usual places.
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  3. +1 for the snail, try Eurocarb on the web.

    PS: do shop about, of course...but Eurocarb will have a piccy, so you know what you're after.
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  5. Yes it has to be the snail gauge. The Gunsons thingy is definitely hit and miss and for the last 10 years I've had a matchstick in it to register the suction. They still cost £19 for what looks like about 25p of parts.

    Thanks for the replies.
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  6. All Gunsons stuff seems to be a bit Heath Robinson o_O
  7. I do like the fuel mixture bit of kit.
  8. Colour tune.
  9. Yes I've got one of those Gunson's Gastesters and providing you don't mind the numbers being a bit out, it works pretty well. Last year I failed the MOT with really high CO and HC. With my Gastester I was able to screw the idle mixture down to an optimum level and it passed. The Gastester didn't get quite the same number for CO as the MOT station, but good enough for my purposes.
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  10. I use two colortunes and a CO meter- all Gunson. One colortune on either side for individual carb mixture (balance pipe blocked) and the CO meter in the exhaust to check it's about 3%. And a snail.

    Thinking about it, that's probably too much kit.
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  11. The Gunsons spark plug sand blaster is a nifty bit of kit.
  12. So is a small brass brush from the pound shop ;)...
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  13. But not as satisfying :)
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  14. Sorry to hijack but out of curiosity Ive got a colour tune ( used to have twin carbs years ago ) I now have a stock 1641 T1 engine
    Never really thought about useing it on that . Which spark plug hole would be best to use it on ? Or doesn't it really matter .
    Stock 34pict 3 carb

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  15. The easiest to get at that you can see.
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  16. I'm liking that answer

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  17. Follow up. I bought the snail tester/synchronometer and it's worked really well once I made up an adapter. I thought the one I ordered would do it, but I just bought the basic model and it needs adapting to fit my carbs at a cost of an extra £25 or so.

    I tooled one up for nothing using the top off an aerosol can and some draught strip IMG_1127 (800x600).jpg
    IMG_1126 (800x600) (2).jpg
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  18. :thumbsup:

    Is luck of the draw with the adaptors. Fortunately mine fitted my Dells correctly.
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