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  1. Hi all, I'm on the lookout for some car audio bits n pieces if anyone has anything going spare. Some 5" components, maybe 2 pairs, a pair of 6x9s, a 10" sub, an amp to run all so I'm not having to put 2 amps in, and maybe if the price is right a head unit.
    Cheers, Karl.
  2. ive got a 12" alpine sub and matching amp, all fitted to a sub box, used about twice, then sat in my garage since, as i sold my bus

    doubt i will put it in the new bus, can text u a pic if u send me ur number
  3. Cheers for the reply dude, but I'm after a 10" sub so I can fit it between the walk through area under my bench seat. Might be interested in the amp if you would split and have more details????
  4. Hi...just wondering how and where you're going to fit your components, sub and amp? i'm about to do the same thing in my bus...been reading around the subject and was thinking about making some fibreglass enclosures to replace the kickpanels (for 5.25 components) and lashing an 8 inch sub in the walkway on speakon connection so I can take it out and use it in my golf as and when. Other idea was to build a shallow ported enclosure, about the dims of the walkway, raising it up a little and run it down firing...the only place my amp will realistically fit, without compromising storage space is behind the passenger bulkhead. Same reason why i'm not keen to fit anything in the valance panel for the back seat.
    Another idea was to run two front components and the sub from the amp and fit a pair of quality components in the overhead locker at the back, running off head unit power alone, when the amp's switched off (ie parked up) Let us know what you're plans are cos' i'd be interested.
    I know most recommend 6's in the doors and 6x9s in the valance, but i'm not convinced you'd get decent imaging with the fronts so low, and the rears so far back... :thinking:
  5. I've a load of stuff that i'll have to dig through, defo got a few sets of 6x9's and a few amps too but i'm not sure how many channels they will run.

    Also have some brand new mp3 head units too, choice of colours and brands etc. They where fitted to some machine we where sending abroad so they have been fitted and removed but never used.

    Head units are here,

    I'll see what else I have, theres a bass cube, graphic equalisers etc etc All came out of my old show car. Subs are not for sale though (already being used)


    p.s install wasnt finished there :)

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