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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Barneyrubble, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. ill start
    Herman’s kermits
  2. Didn’t we do this a couple of weeks ago? :thinking:
  3. davidoft

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  4. Short term memory loss :(
  5. I must’ve missed it :(

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  6. Wot?
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  7. Might have been on Facebook :p
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  8. The Beagles

    *I'm ignoring the title :p
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  9. Too late
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  10. Are you all talking in code? I haven’t a Scooby, or even an air cooled, what you’re on about :confused:
  11. But you was warned ,don’t read , no scooby s were harmed in this post :D
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  12. True. But it was like a “Wet Paint” sign :D
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  13. DONT walk on the carpet in those shoes
  14. jivedubbin

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  15. How come when someone says don't read, you do :oops:
  16. Please please somebody explain what this is about :D
  17. Bazza, it says don't read :rolleyes:
  18. With a title like 'Dont Read'..... It's just too much of a temptation!
    I'd read it before, when it was about changing a letter of a band name, and now I've read it again despite being told not too. I'm such a rebel.
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  19. But I did, did I win ?
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  20. Think Barn sends a present to everyone who does as he says and doesn't read it.
    So NO.
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