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  1. So.... what are your suggestions on basic maintenance/ repairs for campers? What do we (well I) need to be doing to keep the camper going and what are the things to try if it breaks down? Pictures and keep it simple
    If I get enough ideas to publish this I promise to share the royalties!
  2. Firstly undo all the years worth of multiple previous owners bodges
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    John Muirs book ‘keeping your volkswagen alive ‘ would be a good purchase , some don’t like it - I think it’s a good start
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    Learn how to sevice it your self ,the tappets have to be set with a cold engine ,you can't guarantee that would happen in a garage
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  5. ^this. First step, fix everything, so everything works. It'll need it. Then it'll be back to its old, reliable self.
  6. How technical are you? Do you know how to do things like jack it up properly and safely, check fuses, basic engine diagnostics etc.

    Or would you struggle to know which end the engine is :)

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  7. 8 years in and I'm still doing that!

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  8. Always make sure you top up the water and coolant.
  9. I’ve undone the previous owners bodges I’m now undoing a restorers poor workmanship

    The thing is the cost of everything has rocketed since I bought the van
  10. simple things cost nothing
    state of chassis (keep it clean)
    paint chips (paint them)
    always wash and dry it inside and out and wax it
    leave the rest to a someone who knows what their doing and you know they know or learn the hard way so you become the knower who knows his Marmite
  11. oh yeah and don't poked bubbled paint it il cost yah
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