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Discussion in 'Restorations' started by DysonVW, May 14, 2019 at 6:12 PM.

  1. My preference would be to get the van into a usable condition, basic camping interior done (flat pack off the web) with working rock and roll bed etc. Make sure the van is mechanically safe and roadworthy. Give the engine some TLC (source a recommended local garage for service if needed), polish up the existing paint work and have fun this summer using it. As you use the van, you will get a better idea of the key aspects you would like to improve and what you can live with and these can be added to over time, as and when you can afford it. With a young family, reliability and safety is then follows! :thumbsup:
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  2. bodywork look so to me, cheap and easy interior and its ready to camp, do a rolling resto on it as and when you can afford to.
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  3. We’ll definitely try out the hand roller, not a technique we knew about so thank you!

    Apart from a few little known issues with the engine, mechanically, the van is actually ok - we’ve had lots of welding done and rusty parts replaced/fixed up. We have also bought all new accessories and more so we have a lot of stuff but actually doing it is another story! Lots of helpful stuff in here though, feeling motivated!

    We’re Berkshire - do you travel this far? We have family in Portsmouth though so do frequent there a lot, could be a nice trip out for the van! :thumbsup:
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  4. davidoft

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    Well Berkshire is a big place , which part ;), I’m open for business
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  5. Ditto @willster and @pkrboo . We had the interior so were lucky but much more work body work wise. I focussed on interior doing seat coverings myself, stripped all out, coat of combi colour to protect it, bit of rubbing down. Exterior yes we have had some welding done but only half so far. going to wait another 2-3 years for the other side which we have filled and coated in as much rust protection as possible. Focus on getting engine reliable and being able to camp. Get out use it. I took it over my Dad's masked it up and sprayed it ourselves. Yes its matt finish but add a few flowers and it leads the eye. Pro respray is the last thing on my mind right now, perhaps in 3-4 years. Cornwall and Devon last year, devon this year.

    £20 worth of wet and dry, £100 worth of paint stuff and so much better.

    Pro respray should be last thing. A shiny paint job won't get you home. (IMO Un professional opinion)

    IMG_20190428_140441.jpg IMG_20190429_142123.jpg IMG_20190505_161712.jpg
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  6. [​IMG]
    This is rustoleum rollered, I’ve got the job of stripping it off to paint it properly!!
    It looks like what it is close up, paint that’s been put on with a roller
    I’m not a fan !
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  7. Roll the bus as it is, that paint will polish up nicely or run it with the patina'd look. As long as it's solid it'll be fine.
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  8. You'll be surprised how a straightforward polish will help. Chrome hub-cabs, new wiper blades and a cover for the spare wheel on the front would help a lot.....
  9. Dubs

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    Agree with this. Paint is the last of your worries.

    Order of importance in my opinion is..

    Get the chassis solid
    Get the mechanicals sorted
    Get the engine tip top
    Put a basic interior in it
    Go camping

    Every time you go camping, make a note of everything about the interior that needs improvement
    Every time you get a bit of spare time, polish up a panel

    At the end of the season, decide if you want to throw a load of money at it getting your dream interior made, or body work painted.

    Avoid the rustoleom paint method if you think you would like to get it painted properly in the future, as it will cost more to get the rustoleom off.
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  10. I bought this one.
    It’s larger than it looks! :)


    It did a great job!
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  11. As its sat unused for a long time and not had an mot for a while, I would start by getting an mot test to establish what needs doing as a priority. Although now mot exempt, you would be wise to get the van checked out for roadworthiness.

    Yes, you could pretty it up with polishing, but the pictures do show plenty of rusting, especially around the windscreen, the underbody is likely to be rusted also and an mot tester would point the areas out which need attention.

    Setting your own budget is vital as these vans can be a money pit and bear in mind the money you pour into it is only for your benefit and not to expect to get it back in a future sale.
  12. Your going to have your work cut out with that
    If you use the da the paint will soften with the friction and clog up the paper.

    Try giving it a rub with a rag and xylene so see if it will soften and wipe off.
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