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Discussion in 'Photography' started by volkswombat, Dec 22, 2013.

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    I've got a Canon EOS 50D and some good lenses and I can't fault it.....however....there is an issue with a DSLR and lenses and that is that it's bulky to carry around and I only tend to take mine and the tripod and the filters etc etc when I'm specifically going out to take photographs.

    The best camera in the World is the camera you have with you at the time. If I were to witness a plane crash or wild Elephant running down the high street I probably wouldn't get a photo of it because my camera's at home in it's camera bag.

    I'm seriously considering getting a compact like the Olympus Pen series because I'll probably have that on me when the Elephants charge. I wouldn't get rid of my Canon because there is so much you can do with a DSLR that you can't do with a compact. So in conclusion I suggest you work out exactly what you want from your camera. If it's out and out photography, i.e. 30 minutes to set up a shot, then go for a DSLR. If you need a good Jack of all trades camera then go for one of the better compact sytems like the Olympus.
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  2. I recently bought a Nikon D3200, great little camera with a great guide mode to hold your hand while you learn plus all the normal modes of a dslr for when you feel more adventurous.
  3. i decided to get the canon 600 triple lens jobbie from jessops but is out of stock at mo, and while waiting for it, its gone up ten quid. am i living in zimbabwe?
  4. But it will be worth it.

    Google jessops voucher codes, just in case you can get a bit more off.
  5. Good choice but while waiting look at the new bridge cameras out there. For the last 5 years we've travelled with the Olympus Sp560UZ & it's been more than up to snapping away. The battery cover has broken now & they're nla so I'm considering either the Canon Powershot SX50HS or the Nikon Coolpix P510. The canon is a better camera but the Nikon will do just as well but is cheaper. It's all about what you want it for :)
  6. @volkswombat all dslrs will shoot instantly when they're in focus, most now have auto modes that will pick out faces etc for you that will allow you to shoot almost instantly, however always best to control the focus point yourself to be sure of what is in focus. Also, If you are in low light, or what your shooting has low contrast or lots of similar tones then even the best cameras will struggle to focus and it can be really frustrating missing shots. I have a D4 & a D800 that I use mostly manually (but generally with autofocus) so i know I'm in control, but for action shots it can be better to pre-focus the camera using manual focus where the action will be, so when the action arrives you can shoot rapidly. Good luck with the Canon.

    this is me incase anyones interested

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  7. You pro's take it to another level in terms of composition, light, colour clarity etc.
    I'm in awe of some of the pictures you are able to take & your understanding of how to technically use the camera to it's full potential.

    With a small budget of 280 max, not a lot of ability but with travel in mind (& all the different scenarios that occur including storage for the camera paraphernalia) what would you buy Simon?

    (don't want to hijack @volkswombat, just to carry on without starting another thread, hope that's OK :thumbsup:)
  8. For me it would be a Fujifilm X10, or if you can stretch a little more an X20, really accurate light metering even in challenging conditions, small, light good lens, etcetc

  9. Thankyou, good luck with work. I love Secrets BTW
  10. Or you can buy a Canon G10 from me for £150? all boxes etc owned from new. Bought for the mrs but I think she's probably only ever used it 5 times...

    Yes secrets project was great fun, Ta.

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  11. Wow great work @Krim clearly you know what you're doing! Secrets stuff made me laugh :) I ended up with canon 600 but got it from John Lewis. Triple lens kit from Jessops was out of stock all over Christmas, and the price was up and down, then the accessories gotdowngraded. I got peed off with it, no wonder they nearly went bust.
    Any relation by the way?! Convenient name for a photographer:D
  12. That's an awesome offer but not enough zoom for this photographic philistine!
    Mrs Monkey would love to get more involved in the quality end of photography as she has a good eye but sadly the budget isn't there for the Canon.
    Someone should snap that up...
  13. @volkswombat, my dad's just bought a new camera and has asked me to post his up for sale if you're still looking? Looking for £350 or reasonable offer.
    image.jpg image.jpg
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    This is spot on!!

    Imagine my surprise when I saw this UFO near Southport as I drove to work today - I got it on my iPhone camera fortunately! I'm pretty pleased with it considering it was stationary on some form of landing tower and I was on the move....

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    That's a hell of a coincidence! I looked out of my hotel room last night and this massive mosque appeared to be hovering over Casablanca. Luckily I had my trusty iPad!


    (It's The Hassan II Mosque really)
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  17. Listen up fella, you better watch your back now. Mosque mockery? Are you mental?

    Only joking........
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    The Russians put loads of satellites into space with those whilst the Americans were messing around with the space shuttle.

    Oh hang on...maybe that was the Soyez...
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    They know I'm an infidel anyway so this shouldn't lower their opinions too much!
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