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Discussion in 'Photography' started by volkswombat, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. Looking for a new camera, ive got another broken one. I've only had digital compacts before, and my main annoyance is they take too long to focus. Ie I'm trying to take pics of my kids and by the time it's focused, child is off again, so missing the shot or its blurry. But also I would like to become more adventurous/proficient at photography.
    A salesman has tried to steer me to a compact system camera, saying it will overcome that specific problem(slow focus) whereas the dslr's I had my eye on won't, unless I remortgage my house to buy expensive lenses.
    Is this correct?
    I've had a go on my old mans dslr before and it focuses instantly, his is a decent camera but I don't think his lens would have been massively expensive.
    It seems silly to spend £x on a compact system camera when for a little more I could have a good dslr that would hopefully do me for life.
    Any tips for me? Csc or dslr?
    Was looking at canon eos 600d and Nikon d3200 btw before I spoke to salesman
  2. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I've got the 600d and a couple of different lenses and can't fault any of it.
  3. What bout the focusing speed? Can you take pretty much an instant shot or is there a delay while it focuses?
  4. Ive heard good reviews on the Canon eos range, saying they are relatively easy to use and take great photos. Ive got a Panasonic DMC FZ30 which takes great photos but I find it has a lot of settings I don't need (probably due to my lack of understanding of the terminology)!
  5. I like Canon. before I went digital I had a Canon EOS with 2 lenses and tripod. Trouble was the mass of choices of what it could do and all I wanted was a box brownie type camera. I have my Asus Phablet bought in Thailand now and its all the camera I want. For a quick snap go back to film
  6. Baysearcher

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    Generally I'd say the focussing speed is good. Obviously you can do it manually too which is a bonus.
    As it's the only DSLR I've had I can't compare it to anything but the pictures are great!
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    I use Canon now, after years of being loyal to Nikon, the latest Nikon DSLR cameras felt a bit flimsy, anyway I digress.
    It all depends what you want to do, I use the DSLR but I also carry a Canon IXUS 135S compact on my belt at all times. The 600D seems to be an excellent entry level point to the DSLR world, most of the lenses that come with these cameras are quite good. They won't have the focusing speed of say the "L Series" lenses but then you are not paying an "L Series" amount of money, their optics won't be up to the same level but as most people don't make huge prints of their shots you shouldn't notice.
  8. Another D600 user here.
    Saw a cracking deal the other day where you get 3 lenses with it. But can't think where it was
  9. So the canon 600 is a good bet.
    But whats with the compact system cameras, they're like compact digitals with interchanchable lenses, but they seem a bit pointless to me?
    I was being pushed towards a Nikon 1 series, but from whatI can see there's only 2 lenses available for it.
    So they're small, but I can't stick it in my pocket because of the big lens on it. Anybody got one of these and can give a reason why I'd choose it over a dslr?
  10. Get a dslr and you will be happy. Cannon is my camera of choice. But there all pretty much the same. Buy a good second hand one as people 'get in to it' then get bored and sell them for decent money.
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    I have a Sony NEX5R which I got as it was cheaper and smaller than a full blown DSLR. The kit lenses are pretty good and the shooting in low light is great. I have also got some old manual lenses which add a certain style to some shots that the auto lenses cannot match. Focussing speeds are good, don't have the figures to hand but have managed to get some decent shots.
  12. I bought my wife a Samsung nx1000 last Christmas and have to say its a cracking camera. I have to be honest as much as I love my d600 I think the Samsung takes a better picture you have nearly the same functions as the canon. Plus side too it didn't take as much room in hand luggage when traveling on planes too.

    I forgot about that camera too last night.
  13. Tip: I always set the camera to sports mode, that can help too.
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  14. I'm just about to upgrade my Canon 450d after nearly 5 years. Once you have got used to the instant shutter speed of an SLR you won't want to go back to a compact (except for snapshots and quick stuff as others have said). Focus speed is rarely an issue with most shots and if you get a half decent mid range telephoto (17-70mm for example) then you're covered for most things. You can always add other lenses later if you like it. The kit lenses that come with the Canons are pretty good and I used my kit lens for a couple of years before I got any more. is a good site for camera reviews.
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  16. Cheers for the replies, I want to go back and have a proper play with some but I'm keen on the canon 600. Might have to wait till after crimbo now though!
  17. Where are you too?

    If someone is near your perhaps they might let you play around with theirs.

    And if your realy lucky they might even get the camera out. ;)
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    Should be plenty of bargains to be had in the New Year sales.
  19. Take a look at the Panasonic G5. You can pick a new one up for £300. Last year it was £450. I've got one and more than happy.

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