Caliper dust seals

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  1. How can i get the dust seal to stay in the recess, there is no spring ring so can i put a spot of glue in recess to hols it back 20190705_071305[1].jpg 20190705_071412[1].jpg 20190705_071412[1].jpg
  2. It should just push in from memory?
  3. Yes - just push fit
  4. There two main kinds of caliper one has a ring to hold it on one just push fit[​IMG]

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  5. Yes your right it does push on but for some reason it folds back as in the photos, so i may dab a bit of silicon in the groove to hold it there. the photo on the left from Deefer is the ones iv got.
  6. ... if you've got the seal like the left and the caliper like the right it'll pop off.. the rims are slightly different, which make of calliper have you got?

    Quick edit...

    From looking at your photos I think you need the seals with the metal ring...

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  7. The calipers on the left which i think are girling
  8. got the seals from Biggred
  9. So did I but he has two varieties if you speak to them.. I think..

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  10. Im also on my 2nd pack as the 1st pack arrived with the spring rings and they were too small so they exchanged them for the 205411 which do fit .
  11. Ah!
    These were our mismatch...
    But the one on the right has the rings and looks the same casting

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  12. yes i see what you mean , the seal on the right with the rings im sure had a groove in it to take the ring as against the 1 on the left which is flat

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