Cab Seat, brackets added to side of back Why?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by martinvention, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. I am rebuilding my late bay/early T25 seats and found some loose nuts inside where a bracket seems to have been added to the side of the back, which had a slit to aid fitting. In two minds whether to add captive nuts just in case I later find that there is a good reason for the after market brackets. Whatever they are or look like I do not know as they were not fitted when I bought the seats. Grateful for advice on their identity and usefulness.
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    For some sort of cooker or table attachment? @davidoft may know the answer :)
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  3. Arm rests perhaps?
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  5. So @davidoft can sell you one of his container full of metric OG VW holes.
    If he goes in the other end of the container its full of original imperial holes for classic British cars.

    Trouble is you will have to collect as they keep falling out of the packaging in the post.
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  6. Seat back drilled.jpg Thanks re the holes but I make my own from skinned bubbles!! Here is a pic of the seat back and the holes in question are the 2 on the left including one through the label.

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