Cab door opening quarter light seals

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  1. Afternoon all,
    Treated myself to a pair of new opening quarter lights from FBI, need new seals. All good there...however,

    I’m scratching my head wondering if the only rivet I need to grind out is this one



    As the glass needs to come out to fit the seal

    If so, what rivet do I need to use to fix it back in?

    Also any tips on what I should use to glue seal in etc ... Or if I am missing owt else important please feel free to comment.!!

    Ah yes, other thing is what polish is best to return the frame back to nice and shiny?

    Cheers Richard (Holmfirth)

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  2. You do need to grind the rivet off, then the whole quarterlight lifts out. From memory, the outer rubber seal doesn’t need glueing. Can use a stainless pop rivet to put it back together - don’t forget the fibre spacer washer!

    I’d strongly advise against trying to take the glass out of its frame, if that seal’s ok (which it likely will be). It will end in tears.
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  3. I did mine and drilled rivet out, you can buy new rivets, can't remember where though megabug, jk or vwh likely culprits!

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  4. On davidofts advice I left the hinge rivet alone and removed the two that hold the hinge to the d frame
    Then used pop rivets to re fix it once the seal was slid over
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  5. Thanks all,
    I just checked and VWH have the top rivet and shim but not the lower one as out of stock :confused: (who buys half a rivet??!) @davidoft is the issue with replacing that top hinge rivet about the refitting and the special tool required to secure the two bits together again?
  6. davidoft

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    It means you can use normal pop rivets and keep the original look of the pivot, nobody will see what’s done as it’s hidden behind the seal, you need short rivets or take the new pop rivets apart and file them down a little
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  7. Super - appreciate the insight everyone!
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