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  1. Returning to busaru project,
    all the time my head thinking how I go work out steering,
    because I'll be a little disturbed by this engine, I have to think carefully and maybe use an additional steering column of a Nissan Terrano and Suzuki Vitara.

    I must also reverse the hub of the steering arms, replace them with the parties, left to right, so that the tie rod ends were before and not behind the wheels.
    Maybe a little complicated; but it will be tight under the engine to cram acting
    (assisted) STEERING ....

    So slowly I come to the conclusion that perhaps my idea of front engine does not work out ... and I guess I'll have to put up with rear wheel drive (motor centrally under the bed) + automatic gearbox ....

    But still ... I will not give much thought about AWD.
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  2. Hello, today I was sweating a little on the frame ML ...
    I unscrewed the callipers front and rear, took off the brake discs (they are big and heavy - it's Brembo), barely reported it to the garage ... [​IMG]
    but I am not surprised - how to stop the rushing three and a half tons Mercedes it must be decent.

    I cleaned a little frame with rust and secured against further corrosion.


    After removing the discs and callipers I could finally wear light alloy wheels 15" from my cucumber van, yet tomorrow I have only about two old tires to buy and set up the other 2 wheels, and in the end I could frame to move around the yard.

    Terribly slowly I'm doing this project ... like a snail, I feel notorious lack of time, after work about 6pm do not want to have pick - and after 7pm already getting gray in the sky (au of you in the UK is an hour earlier and more clearly).

    Now mainly I have to think about building (although provisional) some shelter for my vehicles.

    Yesterday was my colleague who emigrated to Germany and wants to buy my T1 (type2) Bully -
    if I succeed - it will speed up work on the project (and maybe enough for a nice Westfalia T3) ... but it's such a dream .. .

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  3. Welcome back after a long break.
    I did not give the project Busaru ... oh no!
    I did some work in the company (end of year is the best time to sell computers ... ;-)).




    Snow buried me in this forest, but I could toy cars and a frame to secure tarps (solid - Chinese - rice done) - I hope that by the spring withstand.
    The next step - is the construction of garages - I'm just at the stage of consultation with the department of architecture - will stand side by side 2 garages 5x7 m connected to the car 8x7m shed.
    http://www.tooba.pl/projekt-garazu-G30-szkielet-drewniany-TDS-546 - (Polish version)
    As the snows melt begin construction.

    At the moment I develop in my head and I'm looking on the net solutions to my busaru ml.

    Also wanted to reassure you - the project will be implemented on ...

    VW Type2 T1 - Bulli - but made the male decision - I would not sell - give us to rebuild our friend.

    That's far enough, I greet the snowy Polish northern ...

  4. When we have 5 cm of snow in the UK, everything stops....winter is a good time to think:thumbsup:
  5. now I have 15cm and -8C sometimes -15C... and we like winter and nothing stops...☺
  6. hello all again, I go back to the project Busaru ML ...
    winter was - it was time to design a garage / workshop.
    From the beginning of March - the last snows and frost, I showed the sun started to work at the garage ...

    At the beginning we had to move in the air Typ2 VW T1 Bully wheels because after 17 years of standing in the forest a little rusty and the brakes had as ever ...
    Therefore helped a JCB digger... Bulik (Bully) moved to a safe place ....
    See the video ...

    Then the area under the garage has been aligned.
    I began to struggle with the construction - which continues to this day ... 18.06.16
    throw a video with pictures of the build and construction ...

    I hope to finish the project by the autumn ... and take care of Busaru ML ...
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    Any updates on this project @jaczjs
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  8. Hi, Garage is finished... but no time for Busaru ML project... now I working on VW BUGGY projects ... BUSaru waiting...
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