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  1. Engine runs on garage...

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  2. Welcome back,
    the next step done,
    we took the engine, transmission, radiator, rear axle, drive shafts from Subaru donor car....

    He began to undress frame ML - but I lost - I did not have the proper tools - the same inventions - 15,16, 18, 21 keys - today I had to buy them.
    Another problem - the size of the front brake discs and callipers ... are enormous - steel rims 16 "- do not even want to try to hub. My donor framework was 4 liter diesel - very heavy and strong, and thus these huge brakes. The mechanic told me however, they left - so but I must have a minimum of 17 "rims alu -;-) massacre.
    Somehow I'll have to embrace it, give it another try on 16 "alloy wheels original of the ML.

    With the frame removed with the help of Sonia - tank, muffler and some small junk, this afternoon further fighting undressing, I try to remove the rear and front axle.

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    Great work buddy. I'm really looking forward to seeing this one progress!
  4. I try as I may, but I have a lot of responsibilities ... and can sometimes go unscrewing a few screws ...
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  5. Welcome in the evening,
    Subaru donor car today came back to me (without engine and gearbox)
    - Now I am waiting for my big wrecking (car streeptease) - I have to remove everything that could be useful in Busaru ML AWD ...

    I took a picture of the front brake disc - for comparison next sitting Sonia (age 3 years and 3 months old) - disc and clamps are really hudge (335mm).

    I wanted to remove both bridges from the frame ML - but only turned on the screws and gave up ... I have to undo the tie rods and axle shafts to unscrew it all out and slimmed down frame by about 65 kg ...


    my little helper unscrew the screw 21 with a ratchet wrench ...
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  6. Wowser another epic build. Top work.
    Wasn't there another guy from eastern Europe doing a similarly mental build?
  7. Eastern Europe is to himself that people had over the years of communism invent, combine, and it left them with blood ... Therefore, we are not afraid of such challenges, and we have, however, reduced labor costs. I am afraid only of the next generation - they have all served on a tray do not use your brain ... sometimes ...

    I'll fight with my project as much as possible, I'm thinking even finish it ... and set off into the world in 2017.
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  8. awesome ... :cool:
    but mad...:eek:

    its what the internets was made for ...:chewie:
  9. I'm astounded by what some folks do on here, I think I'm doing well if I've done some basic maintenance.
    Was the other bloke called siga or something?
  10. Ziiga project: http://thelatebay.com/index.php?threads/vw-t2-1972-building-a-totaly-new-car.26973/
    You're right, just like any owner of a Classic VW will be able in time to note and minor faults yourself and embrace remove the car from the current small repairs.
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  11. Astonishing.
    This. ^^^^^^^^
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  12. Good camerawork on this video
  13. that my old NOKIA N9 make...
  14. Nice wide angle, good framing and very steady tracking shot
  15. Hello, it's hard to go back to work after the holiday, and still find time to look online ... but today I took on writing ...
    Photos ... my wife's facebook album - https://www.facebook.com/zosia.szreder/posts/1026090697410831

    For now, I do not do anything at Busaru - too hot - we heat approx. 30 st. And lazily rest in a small paddling pool at home ...
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  16. I couldnt resist looking through the pictures. Beautiful happy children! My girls are older now but it only seems such a short time ago they were small and the world was a new and wonderful place and we spend days and weeks in the camper. I almost got to the point of thinking what was the point of having the camper now we dont have children but they still say they want to come on holiday with us.
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  17. Hello, I hope my little bit with me still tour the world, and your daughter probably soon dropped off your grandchildren to the camper ... and for me what I wish in the future ...
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  18. How's things going with your Camper build? Hoping you are still going forward with it. Once complete it will make a Vantastic combination.
  19. welcome back,
    we are so warm vacation (more like 30C) that does not have the power to get on with busaru;-)
    At work, I urgently request and I have to finish one project to 04.09.15, so everything else must wait.
    I was also the weekend for a small meeting of VW.

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