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    My name is Jacek (Jack) and I live in northern Poland (Borowy Mlyn - "Forest Mill") near the Malbork, Kwidzyn, Gdansk.
    You have to forgive me but I will support the translator google...

    My VW T2:
    My donor car:

    I was born in my head the idea last year - renovation T2 (practically without the bottom) - will be hard to meet - and perhaps think of something that nobody build ...

    pictures on scale

    Inspired me - a project Ziiga - other chassis, to the proven drive and Subaru engine - and even that was interesting - try to make the drive AWD.


    Why did I choose the frame of ML - because first - it is the only known me a 4x4 frame with an independent rear suspension and a front suspension is very low (not enter me in the ass damper ....) - because perfectly will be under the seats.

    Preliminary measurements show that the front frame fits ML EJ22 engine - lands under the front seats T2.
    T2 plan to shed a little lift above the frame ML (10cm), so it can hide under the floor, and subaru cooler than be beautifully fit under the front bumper.

    If you succeed - I try to make the drive from Subaru AWD with automatic transmission, air conditioning and maybe import any ABS.

    On the back of T2 is my beautiful huge trunk (engine compartment) - will be there only the rear bridge and trolley from Subaru, battery, fuel tank, LPG tank, water containers.

    I'll show you some illustrative drawings and small photoshop work ...
    That's my plan:

    1. The purchase ej22 Subaru Legacy AT - DONE - cost 1650 PLN (ca £ 320)
    - Engine disassembly, installation and all necessary lumber
    - make engine repairs (if needed)

    2. The purchase of the complet frame of the Mercedes ML W163 - yesterday I was made a down payment and look forward to dismantling ML - 15.07.15 picking up the frame - cost 1700 PLN (approx £ 350)

    3. shorten the ML frame by about 420mm

    ML dimensions:
    wheelbase - 2820 mm
    front wheels - 1565
    rear wheels - 1565

    T2 dimensions:
    wheelbase - 2400 mm
    front wheels - 1387
    rear wheels - 1408

    the wheels are slightly protrude from the fenders - at the front approx. 9 cm on each side and on the back is 8 cm - get even a narrower wheels on the front.

    4. Subaru mounted drive unit in the frame ML, fold it together, fire up (start) the engine and do field trials on the same frame (like a go-kart). If subaru engine + gearbox At not fit into front T2 - I put engine back on front seats and only make RWD.... ;-( - or mount it central - under R&R bed...

    5. Remove the suspension and remove the T2 from the original chassis.

    6. Adjust all together mechanically - steering column, power brakes and clutches

    7. Install the electrical system, air conditioning, etc.

    8. fit body workshops, repair body panels

    9. Painting my BUSARU ML AWD.

    One questions:
    Does anyone of You may have access to technical drawings chassis ml with any dimensions - maaybe some software?


  2. I have no idea how this is gonna even work ,but hey I am in !! Need pic s
  3. Bookmarked! :cool:
  4. Looks like its gonna be an interesting project. You don't see many high top van either. :)
  5. Now that is going to be some project - good luck from West Lancashire - let us know how you get on.
  6. All i can say to you is good luck ;) if i would known earlier that mine project will took so much amount of work, probably i wouldn't even think of it. costs.? at first was aprox 8 grand will be enough... now i'm on 40 grand and still alot to spend and to work on it...

    But never the less. Think about positioning the engine. Is the front really the best choice?
  7. Yes....better traction and engine braking....
  8. Hello, I know the design is great, tough and brave, but what are the costs of a complete reconstruction of the frame vw T2?
    I think big, and here I have a complete frame with drives (set Subaru). I think I close with costs in about £5000 (without painting and furniture).
    The only problem that is bothering me easy access to the engine ... can do Repeal cabin (as TIR) - a joke ... ;)
    But I think that hatch in the floor and between the seats is sufficient to operate the engine. In case of repair - stretch out engine bottom.
    ..and besides I had a real ALL Whell Drive in T2.
    I fear that the weight of cars will increase and 136HP may be little, but you can tunning the engine to a 160KM (without turbo)
    Below are some pictures of my VW T2 from the inside and bottom.


    Last year I put a big tent in summer to hide from the rain VW T2 and BUG '62,

    but the winter wind knocked over a big spruce and broke my tent falling 10 cm from the front of T2.

    With the tent was only tilt - which have now covered the car.

    Next step is the construction of the garage so that Busaru ML combined into one CAR.

    Garage is a wooden structure with dimensions of 7 x 12m and 2.7m tall.

    After July 15 I bring a complete frame ML and start to measure, match and arrange themselves in my head how things connect together.

    Regards, inserting these images had to calm down a glass of whiskey.
    Jacek (Jack)
  9. I love this thread but am sorry I cant be of any help, that was close with the tree :eek:
    Good luck :) :thumbsup:
  10. and My first Vision of BUSARU ML AWD ...

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    This is all very interesting,I wish I could do something similar but that won't happen ,I wish you good luck
  13. If my project to succeed, then I will do such wonders to order ...;)
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    sounds good to me I'll have 2
  15. Hello again, tomorrow morning I'm going for ML frame, photo report in the evening.
    I leaves the frame near my house, and I'll take Subaru to my mechanics to check the engine...
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  16. hello, frame mL imported ...
    frankly scared - it is huge .... and heavy,

    back of ML... and Sonia
    front of frame ML...
    and 3 stars... ANNA, SONIA and ML chassis...

    I will have it much "slim down"
    Subaru donor drove a tow truck for engine tests, how to run - it's undressing Subaru and extract all the needed parts.
    Now this is just the start to fight ...


  17. If you pull it off you will have one amazing machine!
  18. My Subaru donor car - running, engine runs unevenly on 2 cylinders, but my guru Subaru (BANAN) said that the most important is the engine down (the shaft and bearings) - the rest is easy to do (heads, valves, etc.). By the end of the week the engine and gearbox will be beyond the giver and the rest of the car back to my forest - here it rip out all the necessary lumber (installation, climatic, counter, panel air-conditioning, heater, rear axle and drive shafts) ....

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