Bus is MOT exempt but......

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  1. ....I'm going to have one done anyway.

    Question is, if it fails is it still exempt or would it be then be registered as an MOT failure and therefore not road legal?

    In which case i might be better taking it for a pre mot check instead.

    Obviously I would put anything wrong right, just wondered what the situation is on this.
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    A failure is a failure is a failure.
  3. A test is legal check....if it fails it's not roadworthy..... so insurance invalid and the plod will be after you.
    Have a pre-mot check done...then either get something from garage to confirm it's been done...or have a proper MoT done.. then you'll be able to prove roadworthyness.
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  4. So you want to get it MOTed to see if it meets the minimum requirements of roadworthiness but if it fails you want to ignore the result
  5. What part of MOT exempt don't people get, take it to a garage and asked them to look it over then repair the bits , der
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  6. My camper is Tax exempt but I want to tax it but can't, help
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  7. Nobody likes paying tax....especially cash based entrepreneurs down that there London!
  8. No, as i said i'd obviously put anything that might be wrong right. Just wanted to know before i make my next move.
  9. Yes I think this is what I'll do.
    I'll never mention it again.
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  10. Cheers @Betty the Bay . :thumbsup:
  11. Top man, now stop worrying and enjoy it:thumbsup:
  12. It will come up when you apply on line for you to declare that it complies to the conditions of not being altered from standard and you are taking the MOT exemption
  13. I'm joking, my van is Tax and MOT exempt
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  14. I know someone who wanted to tax theirs , they just went to the pub spent all the money on drink , walked home and peeed it all down the gutter ,well that’s what the government do with it !
  15. It's the way you tell 'em
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  16. It's a cracker
  17. Just remove the number plates, grind off the chassis and engine numbers, and wear a balaclava to the test.

    They'll do the MOT for free and probably give you the money from the till.
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  18. Yep, good question, I had the same.

    If it fails an MOT offocially, then it's not really allowed on the road. But, it might be a bulb or something else quite minor, and you'd like to drive it home still and sort yourself, legally. I now book mine into a garage and get them to do an unofficial MOT plus other checks they suggest. If it "fails", I can still drive it home and sort myself. It's a convenience thing. Obviously, anything urgent I get them to sort.
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  19. That depends on the fail.

    Driving a vehicle that’s failed
    You can take your vehicle away if:

    • your current MOT certificate is still valid
    • no ‘dangerous’ problems were listed in the MOT
    Otherwise, you’ll need to get it repaired before you can drive.

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