Burnham Deepdale Campsite.

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  1. Deepdale Backpackers.

    Great couple of nights at this site. Toilets and showers nice n clean. Couple of pubs in walking distance. Good bus service into Wells Next the Sea etc. Close to beaches. Back in Aug for us :)
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  3. Looks a very nice site. I quite fancy doing a bog standard triathlon one of these days, but a half iron man, never mind the full one? Not for me this time thanks :eek:. Good luck to your missus @Woodster, great stuff :thumbsup:
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  4. It's an orderly site. Glamping in yrrttts, cafe for breakfast. @sANDYbAY got told off by another camper for being noisy. :D
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    Let's hope that blokes either not there then or likes the party bus :)
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    I think you'd gone to bed by then, it was a lady complaining on behalf of her friend who'd caught pregnancy and had to be surrounded by a laughter and chat free zone to protect the poor little unborn baby. :)
    Who was it set up in the bottom corner of out field who's roll out awning got trashed by the rain?
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  7. Yep nice site used it plenty great cafe for breakfast and a fat face shop too if that floats ya boat
  8. We did too. We were just quietly chatting on our way back to the camper !!!!
  9. Just discovered this campsite at the weekend. It's superb, will be back again. Run by a great bunch of people. Picture shows the marshes a short walk away.

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