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  1. Since when was Bumblebee the Transformers car a VW beetle...thought it was a Camero?
  2. He was always a beetle, they changed it for the movies
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  3. Bloody youngsters!!

    He was a beetle in the original cartoon in the 80s before the movie franchise reboot. In the first movie they have a yellow beetle in the lot where they buy the Camaro from as a bit of an Easter egg
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  4. There you go!
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  5. davidoft

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    You’re such a nerd :p
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  6. My girls were not into Transformers in the 80's....only discovered it in later life with my son.....and to be fair it was the actors that caught my attention....we're there cars in the Transformers? Lol
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  7. No shame in that!! :)

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