Bull's Eye

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  1. The TV show on a Sunday night.

    Did anyone ever win the star prize and where are they now?
  2. In there boat far away if they have any sense init
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  3. Super, smashing, lovely!!
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  4. I believe @crossy was on it:D
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  5. Have you got two in a bed :eek:
  6. Look what you could have won!:D
  7. Keep out of the black............
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  8. There were some quality motors on there, a Metro once, a Hyundai Pony was definitely won! and I think a stylish Kia Rio was on offer towards the end. I imagine they’ve all rusted away by now!

    For those who won the speedboats, Bully’s special prize is most likely decaying in the winners garden in Rochdale.

    And for the 2 guys who won the fitted kitchen, I imagine they fell out over it and don’t speak anymore!
  9. I think it’s genuinely true that in one episode Jim asked a guy what he did for a living and the guy says “I’ve been out of work for six months”. Jim reply’s “that’s super” or “that’s smashing” something like that.
  10. Look what you’ve won a speed boat, cheers Jim but I live on the 19th floor of a tower block in Hackney, what the lychee am I going to do with a speed boat :eek:
  11. The look of despair and disappointment when they see the Mini Metro star prize.

    It even had to be pushed out brand new.

  12. What even if it was a metro GL ?? What a machine.
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  13. GL = Gormless Lump
  14. I always wondered what happened to Bullseye once Bill Sykes carked it. I hope he wasn’t destroyed, perhaps adopted by a kindly animal loving London bobby :thinking:
  15. He’s absolutely fine. Making a good living appearing in Uk Grime videos. Whatever the feck that is.
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  16. Seriously did anybody ever understand the rules to that program with Ted Rogers and Dusty Bin. Way above my head.
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  17. Nah, went straight into Bow Creek in a coal sack.
  18. Lol. I’d totally forgotten about Dusty Bin. That would be a great name for a bay. Falling to bits, mind if it’s own and at times uncontrollable.
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  19. the clue said black, which meant red, which rhymes with dead, which is the opposite of alive - you've got it, it was a long weekend in skeggy with the Bee-Gees!!
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  20. And second prize two long weekends in skeggy with the Bee-gees.
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