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  1. Got a email saying fibre was now available to order. As my internet is pants I tried to purchase and found due to high demand I can't have it.
    So I phoned BT to ask why we have it but can't have it?
    I told the BT lady I had a Ferrari park outside for her but unfortunately I was unable to let her have the keys :).
    She told me that before my contract ends (6 months) I may be able to have it.
    Now, it may be me but we either have fibre or we don't. I have checked online all the addresses in our village and it is unavailable to every house.
    Is this a scam by BT 'cos the government has given them deadlines for the rollout of fibre?
  2. That is odd. Have you got an Openreach box in your street?
  3. His coal bunker isn't big enough to take the volume of coal required for it to work up there snotts!
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  4. Just write a letter ? :)
  5. They say it is fibre ready but due to high demand we cannot have it?
    No house in our village has it- she could give me no reasonable answer and even resorted the lies, caught her out twice.
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  6. I don't live in 3rd world IoW :)
  7. But then they'll have to build bigger pigeon lofts for the extra pigeons to take all the letters!!
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  8. Do you have Owls Harry?
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  9. Its not that bad, we are getting electrickery soon, next couple of years.
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  10. How are you getting on with the running water?
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  11. OK. Sensible head on for a couple of mins!!!!
    We had a similar situation with BT in our village. Email saying Fibre was now available but when I looked into it, it wasn't :(
    Apparently fibre was at the box about 1/2 a mile up the road and we could pay extra to have that but still use the existing overhead cables!!!
    Anyway, Virgin media installed fibre in the village so we binned BT and we now use Virgin. Must admit it fibre is good.
    Only slight problem is that the router is at the front of the house and laptop in the office at the back so connecting wirelessly is'nt as good as a "wired" connection so tomorrows job is to install some Cat 5 which has been sat here for a few months!
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  12. Now your just being silly!
  13. Its a bit runny !!
  14. Sensible head o_O
    Tried Virgin but they said it was unavailable as well :confused:
    Will try phoning them tmoro to see if they can do anything.:thumbsup:
    Put up with BT for 1 year too long now.
  15. Try catching it in the wooden bowls supplied :thumbsup:
  16. BT will probably try and get you to sign up to their Faster Broadband which has similar speeds to fibre according to the "salesman" on the phone.
    What a crock of sh*t!
    Don't fall for it and sign up for that. Only a complete muppet would do that.:rolleyes:
    Don't ask me how I know!!!:oops:
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  17. How do you know
  18. All of them will go over BT's infrastructure, so you're a bit stuffed...
  19. I was that muppet!:mad:
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  20. Beware we just got it , costs more but unless they are rolling it right up to your door fibre that is . Darn ear they are only fibre to the box in the street ,then old copper at mo :rolleyes:. Ours has kept kicking off and signal not much stronger really , plus if you have smart tv ..................................... Not only that are you fast enuff to use it :D
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