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  1. I've got a stainless steel quiet pack exhaust to put on my bus but I don't like the shiney finish .Does anyone know how to get a brushed stainless look ? I was going to have a go with wet and dry but not sure ...
  2. wire wool
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  3. Hairbrush??
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  4. I would imagine a heavy duty wire wheel on a grinder would do the trick
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  5. It will change colour after 20 miles
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  6. Basil Brush?
  7. It's second-hand so the header is aged ,it's the silencer that's still shiney .
  8. Boom boom
  9. I think if you satin-ise it, it'll just collect muck. The shiney ones get dirty enough.
  10. I think your right but I don't like the chrome look .
  11. scotch brite pad
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  12. Run it for 20 miles and it will no longer be will go a yellowish purple ish colour ..
    you really are wasting your time if you scotch brite it or attack it with a wire brush
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  13. scotch brite or wire wool will mean it'll rust and it's too hot to put a satin clear coat on - other option would be to scuff up and paint with VHT paint or get it ceramic coated.
  14. My stainless quiet pack silencer box does not get hot enough to discolour after 70k miles.
    Paint it black.

    Mine also has blue dots on it from overspray. That does not burn off either.
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  15. Search “refinishing a delorean” videos are fascinating but a little too extreme for an exhaust.
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  17. I'll give it a go and if it's shine annoys me I'll set about it ...
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  18. ^^^^^ This !!

    It will be a lovely dull golden / bronze colour before you've got off your drive. If you intend to clean it each time - good luck :D
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