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    It's because most of the discussions were and are over immigration and jobs.

    More sophisticated arguements have come forth since.

    A lot of the elite think because the have chalets in the Alps or houses in France and give the lingo a spin, that they are true bastions of integration.

    They don't realise the locals probably hate them.
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  2. I learned quite a lot from this one though, and there’s been no argy-bargy...
    Auto correct just changed argy bargy to ‘argument Barry’!
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    These are the same institutions that are educating the rest of the world in how to be competitive with us?

    When I was in university 25 years ago there was maybe 25% Singaporian (haven't they done well as a country since), the figures for foreign students are far higher now.

    I'm unsure if universities are allowed any other sort of major funding btw, I.e I dont think there is UK funding, it all goes in to the EU pot...I could be wrong though.

    Not being protectionist....the University sector was built around educating as many people as possible...many have over stretched and are in trouble, foreign students pay more. Your kids and theirs meanwhile are saddled with poorer courses and higher fees.
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    Arguement Barry is a lot more fun than Accomodating Barry....he had two pointy fingers and has a hand that can form a fist to hit tables with or hold a flag. Accomodating Barry only has wider setting arms that allow group hugs.

    Both Barry's still have Eagle Eyes though, but Accomodating Barry had his sniper eyesight deleted. And no helicopter gunship. Or Tank.
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  5. On the fascism front, take your Bus to some nice holiday destinations, I recommend Leuven for a starter, the beer is good and the architecture stunning. Wander to the Old Market for a beer, try a different one in each bar, and before you fall over, take a look at the historical photos on the bar walls. Now walk back outside and look around at the signposts, the light will be bright, go sleep off the beer. When you wake up, if the head isn't pounding, ask yourself, why are all the names and stuff on the old photos in French and all the recent signs and pub names in Flemish and why is everyone speaking Flemish when they used to speak French?

    Then ask yourself, why does a place called Nouveau Louvain exist, then find out this all happened in your life time.

    Nationalism is a nasty word, wherever you find it!
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  6. I think the point was that EU membership weeded out companies wanting to be big players but which were uncompetitive. But the ability to access a massive market rather than just a small UK one pulled in big investment from the parent company- something they would not have got before. Kind of kill or cure.
    The competitiveness and openness that the EU brought has been the reason behind the UK’s economic strength. Though there was collateral damage along the way.
    Like you I’m no lover of the EU - it’s way overstepped its original brief. But economically at least its been a huge benefit for us - and better to change it from the inside rather than try and ‘go it alone’ in a global market in which we’re simply not equipped to survive.
    And what, for instance, if we left and the EU decided to impose trade sanctions on us for something at some time in the future?
  7. I see people waving swastikas supporting Stephen Yaxley-Lennon and I think I’m pretty clear what fascism is. And of course it’s not all Brexiteers.
    But there are terrible parallels between today and the early 30s and the rise of Hitler. It would take some contortions to paint the EU with the same brush.
    Brexit is likely to severely damage the whole bloc, economically and in terms of stability and security. Our presence in Europe as a major player is crucial to keep Germany from running everything.
    Being part of the EU has squished national rivalries and held us all together. Without it we risk reverting to nasty nationalist and xenophobic ways - they’re already brewing.
    Leaving would erode that unity. And who will rejoice if we leave and be quick to exploit the divisions? Step forward Putin and other nationalist, often Russia-aligned, extreme-right movements in Europe. Don’t forget that Russian money underpinned the Leave campaign.
    Those who don’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it.
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    Dont know about others but newcastle uni seems to have a lot of chinese students

    And greatful for eu money why ? its ours in the first place
  9. And do you have a concern with providing human beings with a good education?

  10. Nope, the UK higher education sector gets much more out than the UK puts in!
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    I don't know tbh...the failing company was inside the EU for 25 years before that and had no investment but had the market place.

    I'm unclear on the benefits of that market given its restriction on us on a global scale...theres no metrics in missed opportunities are there?

    As for efficiencies, there are farmers being paid not to farm, fishermen not to fish...look at how the EU buggered up Greece, nearly the same in Ireland and Portugal and Spain aren't faring so well under their EU borrowing.

    I conclude its whose bedbugs you mind sleeping with the least theirs or ours?

    Personally I think we see the EU trajectory (when did you last hear of a factory or office being brought locally with EU funding....we are placated with pedestrian area flagstones and canal side clean ups, whilst EU money builds factories elsewhere)....why not bet on us?
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  13. What’s that got to do with the brexit party?
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    We provide everyone with a free education up until they are 18....that's pretty impressive is it not (meanwhile the government is privatising the sector with 'academies' buts that's a different arguement).

    I have a concern that higher education isn't scholarly and is a treadmill to produce largely unemployable people saddled with huge debts.

    Why does a typical undergraduate course take 10 hours of study a week? Why can't that course, if it's so valid, be taught in a year....especially as the massive percentage of them are purely classroom theory?

    Universities, not all admittedly, are in huge trouble as they don't have the students.

    Education should never have been about making money, yet universities are big business.
  15. Good point well made!
  16. I’d love to believe that, despite Farage’s early love of the National Front and his Kippy past, he has changed his spots and is now against intolerance.
    And that all followers of the Brexit party are squeaky clean when it comes to racial hatred and don’t see leaving the EU as primarily a way of making Britain turn white again.
    I’m finding it a struggle though.
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  17. Did you get bored after reading the first sentence?
  18. Gotta go - the dog needs a wee!
    May the best party which will give lovely Britain the brightest future win.
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  19. Correct.
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