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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Barry Haynes, Apr 24, 2019.

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  2. Don't worry, Boris Johnson will step in and sort it all out.
  3. Anyway I'm changing my vote from the silly party to very silly party next time :thumbsup:
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  4. Where’s a Monster Raving Loony when you need one?
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    Sorry to tell you buddy but the NHS has been privatised for many many years.

    All non at point of treatment services have been in the private sector for over 20 years - cleaners, laundry, food, medicines and pharmacy, security, facilities - all are in the hands of private sector, even a percentage of the clinical staff are in through Ltd companies or agencies.

    The money is not 'at point of service'.

    The money they are all cloying for is the billions in insurance schemes everyone would need - so each of us might need to pay £100+ a month for health insurance.

    Whilst this is plainly not good - what is worse is when you've had major work and they won't insure you anymore - many cancer survivors for example become uninsurable for 5-7 years of being given the all clear, then have whacking great premiums.

    Its a bright future.....
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  6. That's pretty much what I meant by services and market, we're on the same page.
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  7. Yes that’s a very good point. At least with the other parties you know what promises they’ll be going back on once they get into power.
  8. ron


    The great EU! The lastest trade deal to be signed tariff free car trade with japan the PRO s and CONs- Germany can sell more vw s meanwhile in the UK because japan no longer needs to build in the uk to get around tariffs factories shut
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  9. Yep all because basically people can't share, they want all of the money, all of it, every single last penny.
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    Agree - unsure if its natural instinct, or environmental conditioning.

    Very few people have genuine issues with wealth and power - i.e. if they won the lottery tomorrow, most people would accept some if not all of the wealth.

    I used to work with a full on socialist - as I told him, you'll keep those convictions to your first BMW and mortgage.
  11. Yes, shortly to be renamed the Hokey Cokey party.
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  12. Yep, 'Me, Mine and Now' is ingrained in our society.

    Many people view National Insurance as a personal savings account, rather than a fund to provide for the nation.

    I think Farage (if people really are dumb enough) would run with that and ultimately establish a whole US style health insurance system.

    I wonder why Aaron 'wealth from insurance' Banks has backed Farage so much.................
  13. It'll be fine, Farage will go off and sign trade agreements.

    I'm sure trading with Sub-Saharan African countries will be far more financially rewarding than the EU.........
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  14. The brexiteers remind me of the turkeys voting for christmas

    One of them says hooray - we voted for christmas and his mate says - but we didn't vote to be roasted, basted and stuffed and the third one says - but we've made our decision !!
    It's been three years since the referendum and opinions change, even the prime minister has had 3 or 4 attempts at getting her deal through parliament.
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    here we go again let's keep voting until the idiots get it right :D
  16. 3 or 4 attempts to take us out in name only but to stay in by the back door
  17. They will keep asking for another referendum and then another and so on until they get the result they want
  18. Yep the get what they want party . Not so many years back they didn’t want unions , now they want to be in one great big one run by others ,who look after themselves . Vote I’m alright jack party or we arnt allowed a say party ,do as you are told lick my backside party :rolleyes:
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  19. Once were all completely lycheeed in a post brexit distopian Marmite hole of a country run for the benefit of the farages and johnstones of the world will you knob jockey brexiteers admit you were wrong or will you still be pedaling this crap!
  20. I’m a bit confused, but I thought we only joined the common market in the 70s? So presumably the uk existed before this? I’m sure I read somewhere that the Beatles were around in the 60s and I’m sure some of the buildings I saw once in that London were older than the 70s. So the only period this country wasn’t a dystopian Marmitehole was from the point we joined the common market until now?
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