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  1. I’ve read what they have to say, Ive listened to what they have to say, as someone who voted to leave they seem the perfect party, am I missing something ?
  2. They say they are on the side of 17.5 million people
  3. You and Ann Widdecombe will get on just fine. o_O
  4. Is she on board, would I?
  5. Standing as an MEP. Ooh, Theresa or Ann? There’s a struggle for you.
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  6. I just returned my postal ballot I just wrote across it NON OF THESE ARE FIT FOR OFFICE first time ever I have not voted
    If there is European elections and I sincerely hope not I will inscribe my ballot with A Waste of Money and a Waste of Time
    I am disgusted with the lot of them
  7. ^^^^
    What he wrote on the ballot paper.
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    Jeez what a boring topic. I prefer what you talk about the blue Marmite you support.
  9. Thanks, love you too x
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    Soz Bazza. I love your threads normally, but Brexit bores me now :hug:
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  11. 52% will learn what 48% knew already.
    No escape.
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  12. Yep - another £100million or so wasted on just the election
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  13. Bazza, even Steve McQueen couldn't escape from that lot :(
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  14. I shall vote for anyone except Labour or Conservative not because I believe in the new party’s but because I don’t believe in the old and they need to be taught that you can not ignore the will of the people. And I don’t think it matters if you voted remain or leave we should all be outraged that they have ignored the democratic mandate for what I believe will be there own gain in the end.
  15. How long before they are deemed as being a racist party?
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  16. One of the things the new Brexit party have promised, just for a second image that they were in power and they called a referendum, whoever won that referendum they would abide with the wishes of the majority, amazing
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    Which is exactly what they all say.
    Changes as soon as they have their snouts in the trough though.
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  18. It’s part of their job to be a liar
    Or at the very least bend the truth
    We all know that.. don’t we!
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  19. Screenshot 2019-04-25 at 17.26.25.png
  20. Will there be ice cream and jelly?
    And a piece of cake wrapped in a napkin that turns the same colour as the napkin by the time you get it home?

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